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Thanks for that hun will look them up xxxxxx
MY third born at home had DS and the cord tight around her neck and i did the on all fours thing instinctively...the midwife knew i knew she was stuck and said nothing.....i knew i had to get her out on one push and it took every ounce of my strength...i said to the M/W ready when you are ....she was born very flat with an agar score of 2...but thankfully she finally breathed and we all breathed too....scary but i hate to think what would have happened in a hospital...
Cor blimey.....i thought i'd had lots with 3 home births.... My first was a nasty induced hospital birth from hell....all being well will have my 5th in february at home ....... Here in the u.k homebirth is only just becoming more popular with 1st time mothers being allowed.....i wasn't :
I knew with my fourth Solomon...he was breech up til the last minute and i used to talk to him and tell him to turn...it made me cry when i gave birth to realise i'd been so completely connected with him...he is truly my wee man of peace and wisdom..... All my others i didn't have a clue i've had two of each.... With this one though i feel strongly its a girl
Hello all,, With my other children i used eco disposable nappies as i lived on the road (in a lorry) i am completely clueless about cloth nappies and what you need etc...i looked on one site and i thought OMG i need a degree to figure out this lot....help.......what do you recommend ?????
A big huge hug..... lots and lots of big healing love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I'm eight weeks with my fifth and look like i'm eight months i've gone from a u.k size 10 to a 14 overnight.....I did this with them all.... Have gone up three bra sizes and have had to but lots of new clothes....none of which i like now as was obviously in loopy pregnant mode when i went shopping.
I'm preggers with number 5 due feb 2008 .....My ex had three kiddies who i raised they were with us full time so for 8 years have had a real tribe that was eventually 7 children...then i left and it was four......Still see the other children sometimes, they are nearly all grown up and far too busy : Do you find sometimes that people treat you like your a bit weird for having had so many ????
Hello and congrats on the birth of your wee bundle....xxxxxx
Hello : I am so glad to have found you all...i was using another forum about pregnany...but have been ganged up on for my so called hippi views. I am pregnant with my fifth baby and was very hurt at the personal attacks i suffered at the hands of individuals who cannot think outside the box...: So am overjoyed i have found a forum with like minded womyn.... I have had three homebirths...my last in a mongolian Yurt (very special to me giving birth in a...
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