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I think mine hadn't had a cold shower til he met me          
Our 4th is 2 months old, and we are pretty tight financially.  We didn't 'plan' him (or any of our others) but decided to make it work since I couldn't seriously entertain the idea of abortion or adoption.  We know where we want to go in life, and I think that I would be way more stressed if we didn't have a 'vision' for our future..   I think that you should do what's best for your family and if that means a new little one, then so be it :)
Thank you so much!!  I'm going to print out a list of all of the books mentioned and take my daughter to the library to see what she likes :) 
I checked out the New Moon website the other day and we are asking my mil to get her a subscription for Christmas (we aim for books and mag rather than clunky plastic for gifts).  I like the website and think that my kid will enjoy the reading :)   I'll look into the other suggestions too- I'm a fan of Bitch but I haven't explored the website enough from a 10 yr old perspective, though I did hear that there was a book list- my mommy brain hadn't started functioning...
I've been looking at books for my 10 yr old daughter that have a feminist theme but I don't want to rely on Amazon reviews alone.  Are there any books that you (and your child) feel are essentials?  We are pretty broke so I looking for the biggest bang for my buck :)
It's embarrassing but I go to the store about 2-3x/day   I don't go so much for the shopping as I do for the experience (though we do have 6 food eating people in our home and somebody always needs something- and I'm the only one who knows how to buy groceries, apparently).. Also, I have an 8 week old who falls asleep really fast on the 1/2 mile walk  :)
I buy allegra espresso and the occasional whole food's cookie :P        
Absolutely not!! I do many things that I probably shouldn't mention on here but using his toothbrush is not one of them.. 
I think that a blood test would usually be accurate by 10dpo..  On a side not, though, my husband and I used the pull'n'pray method and our baby is now 8 weeks old.  The method does work most of the time but it only takes one sperm to make a baby ;)  I'd suggest something else if you're absolutely not wanting to get pregnant.  
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