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Thank you so much!
Does anyone know if it is okay to continue breastfeeding if I have to take this for a week? My daughter is 2 years 2 months and really only nurses 2-3 times a day, but is not ready to quit and I don't want to wean her but need to take this for a medical procedure. Thanks!
Medication may help you feel better and deal with things a little easier. It's pretty common for people to take some meds to get through something even though it really is more of a situational type depression. Do find a good doctor, anti-anxiety medication may be a consideration instead of anti-depressants. My thoughts are with you and your family.
I used to work in a school and everyone appreciated parent involvement especially if it is presented as a sort of offer to work with the school for your child's best interest. Maybe you could explain your situation and your child's needs but let them know you are looking forward to partnering with the teacher to help everything go smoothly for your son and the classroom too. Perhaps expressing that you are interested in the teacher's feedback and a solid home school...
Thanks for all of the thoughtful considerations. We are going with the school that is further with the better teachers for next year, but I am letting go of the "we must stay at the same school for all nine years" mentality. I will probably revisit this decision next year.
Quote: Originally Posted by Linda on the move academics were not important to me at all for pre K, or even K. I'm a fan of waiting on academics. Yeah, I actually agree. I should have clarified more... they are both pretty much play-based preschools, the academics I was referring to are at the elementary school. Thanks for everyone's input!
We are sending our daughter to pre-K next year and are trying to choose between two schools and are having a very hard time making a decision. Most likely she'll attend this school for 9 years and they are both great options but have different things to offer. Having never had a school aged child before, I really don't know which things will end up mattering more to us. I would love some feedback from people who already have kids in school! School 1 - great...
Haven't read all the responses, so please excuse if this is redundant, but you could look at the LILIPOH publication to see if there is anyone in there, or post an ad there. Also, you could look to Lifeways for home daycare providers that follow Waldorf compatible care for children.
I think about this all the time too! Lately I've been trying (or thinking about trying) to cultivate in my children gratitude for family (and all they have really,) loyalty, and forgiveness. Maybe then my 10% will be forgiven and they will be thankful for my 90 (ish)% and loyal regardless .
When my dd was 3 months old she had to be on antibiotics for a week. My very pro-breastfeeding and digestive system aware doctor said not to worry that breastmilk recolonizes the gut very quickly. It may not be exactly the same as it was, but it sounds like if you keep breastfeeding the gut will return to health pretty quickly.
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