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I have been doing this the past week too after failing the 1 hour and not wanting to do the 3 hour.     I haven't met with my ob to review my numbers yet but she had tentatively said something like:   fasting under 95 one hour post prandial  140 two hours post prandial 120   So far, my numbers have been pretty far below this so I think I am off the hook, thankfully.   If you want to avoid the diagnosis, maybe try looking up a good GD diet (if you...
Both of my kiddos had reflux when I ate dairy and gluten.  So, this time I am trying to take a good amount of probiotics for the last trimester.  I've read that can make a difference and am crossing my fingers.
Just put myself on the roster.  Out of lurkdom officially!
I'm due 9/21 with my 3rd baby!
I'm a lurker too, not posting due to lack of time.  I will try and post more too!
Try to get some help for awhile so you can focus on your kids!  We had a little bit of a rough transition.  My daughter (2.5 at the time) really "acted out" for around 6 weeks, but then things got much better.    Sort of a random suggestion that my midwife gave me that seemed to help:  During the newborn days, when baby is sleeping, try to put the baby out of sight in another room for part of the day so the older child has some time without the baby...
me going gluten and dairy free solved the problem 
I have to say I am a big fan of the whole rest and relax and get to know your baby for the first 6 weeks thing that most cultures do around the world.  I went overboard with my first and was out and about after a couple days like nothing happened and it took my body a lot longer to heal and made me more stressed than I needed to be those first couple of months.  With my second I followed my midwifes postpartum advice (5 days in the bed, 5 days mostly on the bed, 5 days...
Yes on the movement suggestion.  Stretch and walk at every possible opportunity.  In the car do ankle rolls and point and flex your toes frequently.  Also see if you can pick up a decent magnesium -calcium supplement (floradix is awesome but needs to be refrigerated) that'll help with the muscle pain.  Drink LOTS of water too and maybe watch salt intake.  Good luck!
Hey.  Thanks for getting back to me.  I'm glad to hear you thought they were safe too.  I still have no definitive answer so I just cut back my use of them.  (but I still use them when I am desperate maybe every other week!)  Let me know if you come up with something!
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