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What do people think of balance boards? I'm thinking of getting a balance board for my soon to be 5 year olds birthday. Does any one have one to recommend? Or did anyone buy one and find them to be a waste? I'm looking at either - http://www.threesisterstoys.com/p-44...nce-board.aspx or http://www.amazon.com/Carrom-510-01-.../dp/B00003G1U0 Any opinions? Thanks!
Maybe some extra vitamin c and antioxidants to ward off any free radical damage?
Quick question: Would iodine supplementation alter a thyroid blood test? I am going to a doctor in a couple weeks to discuss some of my symptoms (brain fog, short term memory issues, low energy, dry skin...) but given all my recent reading, I really want to try supplementing iodine. Just wondering if that would interfere with the test results and perhaps not give the full picture of what's going on? Should I just wait to start taking iodine or does it not matter? ...
Quote: Originally Posted by intentfulady hormones peri menopause sleep disturbance is a common early sign Thanks for the replies! So, if it's perimenopause what can I do about it? What kind of practitioner might be able to help? acupuncture, naturopath, things I can do on my own?
I have been having this occasional problem with insomnia for about two years. It only occurs when I go to bed past my (pathetically early) 9:45 bedtime. If I go to bed before that, I sleep soundly all night (thankfully). If I go to bed past that time, even ten minutes, I have a terrible time falling asleep. Last night I went to bed at 10 and it took me three hours to fall asleep. A couple of weeks ago I went to bed at midnight and it took me almost FIVE hours to fall...
similar situation here too! I just started reading The Mood Cure by Julia Ross and it is really resonating with me. I am feeling optimistic about all the suggestions in the book. I just have to get the health food store! maybe look up some of the aminos referred to in that book.
I have opted out of x-rays for my almost 5 year old. I don't think it is necessary at all unless they are having a problem. Our insurance actually covers them but I try to avoid any unnecessary radiation. Both the pediatric dentists we have been to have been fine with this. I would definitely not pay for them unless it was totally necessary.
my Mom is going in for a biopsy for this soon. It's more of a concern if you are post menopause (which my mom is), but in my reading I have found that even if it is cancer, if the lining is in the range of 2 cm then it is 96% treatable with hysterectomy alone. Not fun, of course, but i found it kind of reassuring as my Mom's lining is around 2 cm too. Good luck to you.
We had an encounter with bedbugs while we were traveling in Australia a couple of years ago. It was not pleasant. My husband was covered with bites. Fortunately we stayed at the house where they were long enough to know what was going on and so took a ton of precautions when we got back home. We immediately washed all our clothes that had been there on hot and put them through the dryer a couple of times on the highest heat and then we put all non washable luggage into...
Two other things I can think of: Carlson's D Drops Last year I found an elderberry extract syrup called "winterberry" at our local health food store and that seemed to work wonders. Sorry I don't have the brand name available.
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