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Besides being pretty large...the twins were my first pregnacy and to tell you the truth I really couldnt tell there were two in there. All the kicks to me still felt as if it could be big baby.
I knew I had at least 3 eggs at the time of IUI and I had been on injectables so right there was what did it but I remember having my blood drawn around 6 week of pregnancy and the phlebot at the clinic saying that my hcg levels are very high and the docs thinks twins but not trips....after hyerventilating a bit I was thinking that she probably wrong or making and educated guess but low and behold she was correct and we saw 2 heartbeats!!!
Yeah! Good to hear from everyone!!....our little girl is now a big girl and will be 19 months in a week and we are just trying to save what sanity we have left with our nearly 5 month old twin boys. I feel like the intro to Jon and kate plus 8 " its a crazy life but its our life" LOL . I have began to get in shape..doing the whole p90x routine and lovin it. I have to admit I am a bit jealous of all the preggo moms around me. There is a gal at work having twins and part of...
Zofran for sure saved my life or at least made me able to get through it. Dp was worried for me because in the first few weeks I couldnt keep anything down...I vomited at least 4 times a day and lost around 15lbs and my pee was dark orange/brown. I was certain this couldnt be good for me or the babies and at the time I did regret getting pregnant, Then around week 18 I was feeling better and good actually eat. I just really had to look deep in myself for the strengh and...
Wow all these babies!!! How special!!! Twins papa? That is awesome!! Get ready for one helluva ride
36w 4 days, the boys weighted 5lb 14 and 5 11 and No NICU even though we did have some feeding issue with Nate and low glucose when they were born.
Carrie- when is your dedication ceremony? My mom is making the boys outfits which is totally nice and unexpected of her. Dd wore my outfit for her ceremony....it needed a bit of altering since I was smaller at her age. We are having the ceremony on Feb 14th!!! We are so excited to have it on such a postmarked loving day. Instead of remembering the day for roses and chocolates I will think of my sons special day with friends and family.
I think whoever makes the most money typically would claim the most to get the most deductions...that is if you use schedule A and itemize. But I would play around with the numbers to be sure. This year Dp and I bought a house together (co own). It was my second house owned and her first so it will be nice to get the tax credit via her. Too bad that we both cant get it but something is better than nothing for sure!
We have a 16m old DD and then brought home 2 baby brothers for her. Since she is a bit too young to understand everything I can see her have some hints of jealousy but all and all we havent had a rough transition. She says "baba" and holds them but then wants to grab the blanket they have or pat them alittle too hard but that is normal. We just really try and spend as much quality time with her as we can. She is at such a fun age right now and makes us laugh so much. I...
I just read your blog and couldnt go without posting something. Your family is beautiful and courageous in these difficult times. I wish you all the best in the New Year and will be thinking of you my fellow twin mama!!!
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