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^ I have curly hair as well. When I used to use regular shampoo, my hair was fluffy,frizzy., and coarse. Now that I use the no poo method (going on 3 months) my hair is perfectly curly with no frizz. Very soft pretty curls. So I am assuming that if your hair is already like that, it would remain that way.
Thanks for the tips! I've had the same problem! I use Monave mineral makeup and it says on the site that it's virtually water proof and they weren't lying! IT does not come off with just the honey. I've tried organic plain yogurt which used to work with my liquid makeup and it wouldn't work either. I will now try the oil!
Thank you for all of the tips! I think I'll try it again. Is it possible that the size is a problem? I found it difficult gripping because it was hard to fit my fingers along side the cup. Iknow I know too much information! Sorry, but I need to know. It also felt like it was stretching everything out down there. Is this a problem for anyone else?
I was so excited to purchase my Diva cup after reading all of the glowing reports from you gals. I didn't even mind the $38.00 price tag at my local natural shop. I figured it would end up saving me money in the long run. I waited patiently for the right time of the month, boiled it, read all of the directions, followed the directions and now I hate it! This thing is really painful! As soon as I got it home and took it out of the packaging, I new it would be too big. I...
Sorry! What'd I do?
Thank you so much for the info. I will probably try all of the above! I wonder about how long it took your under arms to adjust and begin perspiring less? Is this "adjustment period" typical?
Quote: Originally Posted by Leilalu My hair is amazingly thick and full when I use a shampoo bar. Very thin and dull when I use normal shampoo. And I have A LOT of hair! I too have lots of hair. My hair is naturally curly and thick and it used to be VERRRRY dry and frizzy as well. Now that I have been no-pooing for a few months, my hair has done a complete turn around! Now my hair is soft, shiny and the frizz is gone! I used to have to put globs...
Why not add honey to your routine and use a few drops of oil on your ends? My hair used to be extremely dry and now that I no poo (with honey) and use oil, my hair is the softest most amazing hair of my life!
Sorry I haven't had time to read through all of the posts here but I have a serious problem. I have just gone totally "natural" a few months ago and have been using the crystal deodorant. I know that most natural deodorants are not antiperspirants and that it is healthier to let your body sweat, but I really need one! I can't keep going to work with sweat marks on my clothes-It's very embarrassing and it makes me feel self conscious. I am actually thinking of going back to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Goodman I'm sure there are faster ways to extract it, but involving more work and stuff. There must also be ways to concentrate it after soaking in a large volume of water, but those probably involve even more work and more stuff. Robert Thanks Robert for Dumbing it down to where I can understand.
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