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Mercola's website sells on for kids with only 1g of sugar. He also has a store on Amazon. Haven't come across any kid ratings of these those - that's always most of the battle.   In case you're not familiar with his site, he is a doctor who runs a site about natural health. He also sells many products so just keep that in mind when you look at some of his recommendations. I still find it a good read though. From what I've read on comments about his products, they...
In my state my lawyer advised against it.
I feel that she's probably with low self esteem and he's telling her he never loved you, your evil, or some sort of bs to make her feel better about the situation.
Personally speaking, I'm a numbers person so I would want to run the number each way and decide if it's worth it. I'm not sure what this proposal is in lieu of. If he takes it, there's noting that says you can ask for something you want in return.   There are 3 things to negotiate over - the child credits, the exemptions/dependents, and the filing status.   Usually, the head of household status is a bigger tax savings for most people so as long as you can claim...
I would say it depends on your ex and your deductions/income but likely you would save money filing jointly. Since you were not yet divorced you can do it for 2012.   There are two deductions. There is a dependent and a credit. Things like childcare you can both claim if you both paid them. If one of you is high income and the other isn't (I think it was the credit) was not worth much (in my case it was only like $500 off my taxable income).   If you do not file...
If he is speaking negatively of he ex I would say it doesn't sound like he's over his relationship either (or worse and will think this way of others). Even if you had been ready to date this guy, I think he's showing red flags.
I think PPs did a good job with legal resources but for emotional (on top of therapy) I really like to read and understand the dynamics. It helps me make sense of things. I really recommend 'How Does He Do That' and the site www.baggagereclaim.co.uk That site also has a great self esteem course and tons of free articles about how our self esteem gets us unto these shady relationships and how we can make better choices.
I just say ok and change the subject. Doesn't mean you have to take their "advice". If they are serial offenders you can set the boundary but if it's just an occasional comment here and there I would probably let it slide.
  I think this is correct. it's about him. There's another saying... when people show you who they are believe them.   He's showing you he can't be trusted. She cares if you 'won' him. He is lying, disrespectful, cheating, etc. I know you have a history with him and children but honestly if it were me I'd be saying to the other woman "you can have him" and find someone who will actually respect and love you like you should be treated.   I can tell your self esteem is in...
Hope you like the site.   In my experience if a guy can only text you they are either wanting something casual or are not emotionally available. The guys who have really wanted to get to know me made plans with me and called me to actually talk to me.
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