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I would feel that way too if I had dd 100% of the time. When dd is with me I don't have anyone around that can help me. It's not my proudest parenting thing but when I really need a little break I put on some TV or a movie for dd and site next to her on the couch and do something like reading. DD loves to snuggle up to me and I get my quiet time to do something I like but we still are spending time together.
I agree with the PP's advice above.   The other question I have to the PP is how long have you been married? In many states the length of the marriage has impact to how things are split. For example in my state if the marriage is under 10 years it's different than if it was more. Things like alimony are especially different.   I recommend seeing if there is an attorney who does free consultations and that should help you understand what you're entitled to in your...
In my city there are also a lot of Halloween events at churches, schools, etc. DD loves to attend those, see her friends, play the games, etc. I shared custody with her father so I like it as well because it allows me to participate in the holiday with dd even if she's not with me that night.
Is your a court ordered mediation or private one? In mine we sat in a room with the mediator and he brought up different topics, told us what the law said, what some common practices are, etc. My area only requires an attempt at mediation for the parenting agreement.   I would suggest knowing your rights and making the proposal for a legally fair split. Drafting something up and presenting it to XH saved us a lot of time disagreeing over silly things.
Thank you everyone for the ideas. XH and I are starting the new schedule next week.
On mine I just changed the barrels. You can buy them at Home Depot or Lowes. I had a lot of external doors on my house and it was under $50. Well worth the peace of mind and made the place feel more like mine.
I had a similar concern about XH showing up. I just changed the locks and moved all his stuff to our detached garage.
My advice would be what led to the breakup on both sides and what has been done on both sides to overcome those problems? If both of you have made no attempts on your own to fix these problems they will not get better going back into a relationship. Both of you have to be motivated to improve on your own. It can't be external.   If someone doesn't want to do the work to improve in that area and has made steps on their own to do that, then I say leave it alone.
Here are the pills on the recall: • Cyclafem(TM) 7/7/7 • Cyclafem(TM) 1/35 • Emoquette(TM) • Gildess® FE 1.5/30 • Gildess® FE 1/20 • Orsythia(TM) • Previfem ® • Tri-Previfem®
11 more days. I can't believe how men feel it's OK to throw tantrums like little toddlers!
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