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I think it's a great blanket if you baby like to be swaddled. DD just would never calm down when swaddled.
We usually tote dd around her her carseat while out. I would just change her in there - especially if it was pee.
I buy raw milk... It's both the pasturization and the homogination (sp?) that's bad. The paturization kills the vitamins, probiotic bacterial, and other benefits of milk. The homogoniation process turns milk into a carcinigen. I also hate to think about regular, non-organic mailk because so many brands use human growth hormone, anti-biotics, etc. that pass into the milk. Mercola has some good articles of...
I think it really depends on the age of the baby and whether they are content on their own. I have one with a bassinette (no changing table or mobile). We get a lot of use out of ours. Mine isn't at the weigth limit for the bassinette so this is all he have used it for so far (and sometimes as a changing table). If you travel to realatives it works OK as a cosleeper that can be pushed against a bed. DH likes to feed her in there when he watches her during the day...
I think that would work too with some safety preparations... If you don't want the expense right now, you could always look into something like a snuggle nest do your baby can sleep in your bed for the first few months. http://www.toysrus.com/product/index...ductId=2266117 Or a cosleeper.. www.armsreach.com
Here's an article I found about a new vax.. " At least 12 infants who were part of a clinical study to test a pneumonia vaccine have died in Argentina over the course of the past year." : This part bothers me too... "The vaccine trial is still ongoing despite the denunciations". I feel so bad for the innocent babies that are part of this. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/ar...argentina.aspx
We had issues with DH at the beginning too. I think it was because I spent more time with her so I could read her cues better and had figured out what worked. Now that DH is watching DD during the day, I'm getting some crying sessions because I am missing some of her new cues.
I felt them at 20 weeks too...
I was going to suggest Cholestasis too. There is a site called itchymoms.com that give more information on it.
In my area I had tried to sign up for Saturday classes when I was pg but they were full. We actually didn't want to do classes mid-week because it would leave no time even to eat trying to get from work to the class (but traffic isn't great where I live). I didn't want to do anything too late because I got tired and would fall asleep as early as 8PM when pregnant.
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