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I say this with kindness, but at 4.5 it may be more difficult to connect with homeschoolers. Our group doesn't admit families until the oldest child is at least 5 and in Kindergarten.   Do you have a local yahoo group where these other meetings are getting posted? If so, why don't you just pick a day and post it on the group as a park day? Maybe there are other families in your area that feel the same way you do, but they don't have someone to take charge and make it...
I'm looking into it for my DD as well. Dues here are $15/yr. I know of two very different 4H groups in my area. One is located at a local farm/park, so the kids start their meeting by feeding the animals and collecting eggs, ect. The second one meets at a church during a co-op. They focus on different types of projects. One of the children there did her end-of-season project on photography and another did rocket ships.
  What a great reminder.
My DD picks up all of her toys every single night because if she cleans up then I'll "LET" her use the vacuum and sweep the floor. There may be some dishes in my sink right now, but the living room and dining room look great every.single.night. If your child is old enough to be in school, then your child is old enough to pitch in around the house. It's part of teaching responsibility. While you may never get everything on that list done in a week, school or no school,...
How long have you been homeschooling? We've been doing preschool for a while, but this is the first year that we've officially notified the school system. How old are your children? DD just turned 5 and DS is 2 1/2 What grades would they be in? K and not quite preK Describe your homeschooling style in 5 words or less: eclectic; cozy; adaptable; fun; outdoorsy What's your favorite book or piece of curriculum that you have for this year? Um...I don't know about favorite...
It took a while, but my DH is on board. I can't imagine how tough it would be if he weren't. As far as family goes, his family is downright against it. But really, they're against everything I do...including marrying my DH. So who cares what they think. My family is on the fence about it, but I think they'll come around. Really, most of my support comes from my co-op. Once a week I get to see a bunch of families that made the choice to homeschool, and my daughter...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jamie19 Hey ladies, cheap or free stuff to do locally? We have a zoo pass and museum pass, anything involving those would be awesome too. Also water splash pads?? I know of the one in Middletown at Smith Park, any other local ones? Free movies! http://www.regmovies.com/nowshowing/....aspx?state=OH
Anyone have recommendations for a homeschool group or co-op? Or even a 4H or scouting group that caters to homeschoolers? We've officially decided to homeschool DD!
IME, tomatoes do really well in containers. I think you could get 3 in a larger container. I think it's also a good idea to move the lettuce to something more shallow. Kale would do well. Eggplant would too, I think.
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