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It is so great to see all of our babies grow !!   Wherli, he is totally adorable !!!   Seraf : I would brag too !!   Here are some recent pics of our little miracles :)            
And congrats on your little one painefaria :):) I love the name you chose :):)
Our girls are 4 months old today... I am amazed at how fast they are growing up...    
Hey !   Its greta that you ask your questions ! Please dont apologize for that !   Thet best place for answers, in my opinion, is this website : http://www.fertilityfriend.com/ You canalso chart on there and it will help you determine your most fertile days depending on your insem method.   Best of luck to you !   Coco xxx
She is ADORABLE Starling !!! Wow, that is amazing. I am very much looking forward to our twins "reading" like that ! I read Charlie a book last night, she was not very impressed LOL. I will keep trying ! Fron now on, I think I am going to try to read to one of them everyday. They are not quite 4 months old but I really want to give them the love of reading... my mom gave that to me and it is a great gift. Obviously, you succeded in giving that gift to your daughter...
  Hum...... I have no idea what subgroup I consider myself in... I dont classify myself really ;-) Can you define "chapstick" lesbian ? I never heared that one ! I'm probably closer to sporty I guess. And I am a social worker, specialized in supporting victims of trauma, mainly victims of violence against women. I also do alot of training on PTSD and intimate partner violence issues. Good luck with your Masters :) I finished mine in 2002... and I woudn't go back lol.
LOL Starling, my house is about to explode yes but nor from cuteness, from baby stuff ! We have so much.... but we used it all too lol.   Seraf, it is amazing to watch how they develop, it is alot of the same on slightly different schedules but also with differences. Charlie, our little baby A, is very loud, expressive and vocal, she is also very curious, always looking everywhere around her. She is also our thumb sucker :). Chloe, our big baby B, is more laid back...
Not dx'ed but almost. Was glucose intolerant (borderline diabetic)   Did you have 1 placenta or 2? Two   How many weeks when you delivered? 37w4d   What were the weights of the babies? 5 pounds 6 oz and  6 pounds 1 oz   Were you taking insulin? No   If you did not take insulin, did you keep to a strict diet? Was supposed to watch sugar intake... didnt do it religiously but tried to be careful.
Hehehe :) The pics were taken the same day ! Charlie is smaller (almost 2 pounds smaller) and has alot less hair and cheeks so yes, she looks younger. That and Chloe had on her super cool jeans jacket and that makes her look older too ! They are very much NOT identical those two !  
While you wait for your babies... here is something to help pass time :) At 3 months, our twins are really beginning to grow up ! It is simply amazing !   Here is Charlie discussing the state of the world:   http://youtu.be/bjttSr4bd1Y     Here is Chloe, developping her engeneering skills:   http://youtu.be/1D8DbUA1y9I
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