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Took the evaluation!
  Breastfeeding (my 24-month-old) and baby wearing = two of my favorite activities, go hand in hand :) Second (night) photo - we were @ US Open :)
Great! Can't wait to hear more - hope it's all positive from here! :)      
Just posting some interesting info for NYC mamas: NYPL is participating in "Read Down Your Fines" program until Sept 9th, 2011. Check out for more info: http://www.nypl.org/readdown/faq   For other places - definitely check if your local library is participating in similar programs! :)
I would not go into that much detail - just a very simple: "We are attending California school online and following carefully planned schedule". When children are studying in English, that by itself is enough to distance program they are following from everything else. In my opinion, detailed explanation will only bring on more questions. If anyone IS asking for specifics, you can offer to give them general website of California Education Board or something similar.   It...
Description of everything fits too well! :) I'll PM you!    
Wow. Big hug for you!   I know exactly what you're talking about :)  Your description of neighbors made me remember all the grandmas hanging on their windows at wee hours (exact same hours when I was coming back home from a party) :))) I think you are now in my old neighborhood, my old city :)))))   That being said - midnightwriter gave you great advice. I would just say that kids are enrolled in American online school (don't mention "umbrella", it will...
Congratulations!!!! :) Wonderful news! Lots of sticky baby vibes your way! :)    
Check out baby/toddler probiotics from health food store :) PIA = pain in a** :) I think :)   Everyone told me that vacationing with a non-walking kid is so much easier and I agree! Check out some supportive baby carriers - it would help :)   Have fun on your vacation!
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