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Natures fabrics ships to canada, charges actual shipping, and no customs etc usually www.naturesfabrics.com
Well, most people making fitteds, use cotton fleece or cotton velour. Or they use bamboo fleece and bamboo velour. Sometimes they use hemp, or sherpa. Some of the flat makers use fleece (cotton or velour) We have a discussion group on sewing here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/naturesfabrics/messages and there is one called sew your own diapers, it has tons of links and suggestions as well. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sewyou...guid=323846669 Jeanne
Yep, we have lots, and lots of wool, and if you join the forum you can use coupon code 20coop for 20% off everything on the site, except the rolls of fabric. Thanks link http://www.naturesfabrics.com/ the code goes in the my cart area
Hi ya, it should not compromise the ability of the cover. Wool works by absorbing, not repelling, like pul, so you will be ok. Jeanne
Crepe is great. For a daytime cover you would want 2 layers and overnight at least 3. It is a bit lighter weight than the interlocks is all. Jeanne
Thanks you guys. I do have another round coming at the end of the month. It is extra soft both in the blend and 100%. Let me know if you have any questions. jeanne
Hi ya, a lot of the covers and pants you see for sale are made of interlock. I run a co-op for wool interlock and it goes for about $16 per yard. It is best to felt it prior to use to tighten up the fibers and make them more abosrbent. It is really nice stuff. You can get more info from the co-op page, the link is below. I don't know about patterns, I made my own. Thanks, Jeanne
Oh, they are great. I have made a lot. Easy to follow, a lot of options. You don't need a serger. My little guy loved them cause they weren't diapers. Jeanne
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