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I felt movement last night!!!!!!   There was no mistaking it!! It was definitely very, very light. If I had been in the middle of something then I wouldn't have ever noticed it. I just happened to be in bed and the room was silent so I noticed! Of course, I have felt nothing more but its so exciting!! 
I can't really focus on much more other than my pregnancy. If it's not on my mind directly then it's on the back of my mind. I felt the same with my first even after everyone knew.
Don't worry! I have had sooo much lately. It's like ovulation x10!!      I have had some bleeding so I am relieved to just see discharge and no blood!
So sorry.
Yeah, my hips hurt sooo bad... I got it with my first when I was this early, too. I think a broken tailbone/coccyx probably doesn't help
I still have 2 weeks and some change but that's alright!! I'm still getting excited to *almost* be there!
Fisherfamiyl- I am not trying to avoid what is going on, that is not my point. I think we all know whats going on without having it thrown in our faces all the time. Even the title of post was dramatic... (which I dont know why I clicked on it ). My point is not to avoid what is going on with society's health, it's to not be scared about something that I cannot change. I would like to be able to avoid such things when I go to a forum to discuss my pregnancy. If I wanted to...
Well, how do you know exactly when she ovulated? Does she track her ovulation and periods?    If she doesn't then all you are doing is taking a guess. The thing is, only a DNA test is going to tell you if you are the father or not. Sorry you are in the situation... 
Every time I come back to this thread I'm reminded to do my kegel exercises! After ds I was holding my pee but I didn't notice I was. I assume because the heaviness of my pregnant belly wasn't on my bladder anymore so maybe the urge just wasn't present. Anyway, I ended up peeing all over myself that only happened once thankfully... still, it was horrible! I'm going to try to do my kegels every day and hope it doesn't happen again.
I appreciate that reply and I agree with you completely.   The post I read was from that nurse. I just find it really inconsiderate to post something like that to a forum of pregnant women. I understand it was probably done with good intentions but I have enough to worry about as it is! Then the comments on the same post didn't help me at all either.
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