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I had an ultrasound as well but sometimes they are not seen. I joined a support group and plenty of those women never had an u/s to diagnose the hematoma or it wasn't found on the ultrasound.   Nobody has actually seen the hematoma I have on an ultrasound but my symptoms are characteristically subchorionic hematoma symptoms. I think a lot of times the SCH will go diagnosed as "unexplained bleeding"... my midwife (and the ob I had to see before my appt) both are convinced...
Every time I come back to this thread all I can think about is eating some salty, greasy french fries with ketchup! The meat sounds terrible though haha Instead I am eating an organic fruit and yogurt parfait... luckily I live miles from town so I can't give into my urges.    I wonder about the protein being linked to a boy... I ate a lot of chicken when I was pregnant with ds but I almost have an aversion to meat right now. I was a vegetarian for a long time and now I...
Also, yes, your decrease in blood/cramping is a great sign. Twice I have experienced some brown spotting. If you have any questions, let me know!
I am so so sorry you are going through this.    It sounds a lot like what I experienced around 5 weeks pregnant and it turned out I had a subchorionic hematoma. I thought for sure I was miscarrying but everything is fine, 5 weeks later. The thing is, sometimes the bleeding is nothing or even unexplainable even though out minds tend to go towards the worst case scenario. I hope the best for you, mama! Sorry you have to go through this. I know it's scary.
...and no, you didn't scare me. It was a post in the "I'm pregnant" forum.   I just get seriously bad anxiety. My mom died 6 years ago and I just haven't been the same about this kinda stuff since then. Her death was very traumatizing so needless to say I've developed a little anxiety...
@HouseofPeace    Yes! We've started preventative measures (natural ones anyway) so I am hoping that gives us the immune boost we need. I mainly worry about my ds being in public school. He can't remember to keep his hands away from his face!
I hope you all get better soon! We have avoided it but I must say you are a lot calmer than I am!
I have heard so many horror stories lately... I have been scared and we never get the flu shot. The media is sensationalizing everything and a woman posted a thread on here that seriously almost gave me a panic attack last night.    I guess it's just because I'm pregnant and it's still so early on. Also, my DS goes to public school and I go to class 3 days a week so there is nothing we can do about being exposed. I wish I could just hibernate for awhile until the flu...
Thanks for the anxiety attack. I have to be in public as I am working on a degree and I send my son to public school. Now I will just be panicking that neither of us end up sick or that I don't end up in the ICU because I'm pregnant.    I guess either way you go you are never doing the right thing. I wish I could hibernate for the next few months.
It's always nice to get peace of mind. You should call your midwife (or OB) and see what they think is best.   That being said, I had bleeding (A LOT) at 5 weeks and I'm 10 weeks now and everything is going good. Spotting/bleeding can be caused by several things and does not always mean miscarriage or something bad. Good luck.
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