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I just found this and I think it's really petty. Thought I would share!   http://wanelo.com/p/7937515/long-lace-wedding-dress-empire-pregnant-wedding-dress-cheap-lace-bridal-dress-sweetheart-floor-length-bridal-gown
I may take it. I may not. At this point I haven't bled again so I  feel like what I am doing is helping in some way. We'll see. 
We all do the dishes!
I lost a lot of blood around 5 weeks. It wasn't spotting. I was in a restaurant and felt warmth so I went to the bathroom and I had a giant gush of blood. It varied from pink to bright red to brown. My midwife sent me to the ER who sent me to an OB. Thankfully I've had no bleeding since then except some brown spotting at 6 weeks and 8 weeks. They suspect it's a SCH but nobody could see it. The gush of blood is a good indicator of a SCH because it pools inside the uterus. I...
Yes! I'm trying alternatives to control my emotions at least a little but it's so difficult! I will know I'm being irrational and I will know it's just the hormones but I can't stop. I had a good cry last night and today seemed alright. I really hope it eases up soon. I hate it. I didn't feel like this with my first until I was well into the third trimester :/ I read today that hormone levels peak in the 3rd month so it gave me some hope for the rest of this pregnancy!
I think this is half bloat/half everything shifting around. I had a little bump like this with my first at about 12 weeks. I'm 9.5 weeks with a similar bump my second time around!
This!I don't know what I would do without my morning cup.
I gained 60 with my first. By the 16th week I had already gained 10lbs. I got so big and I hated it. It was not for a lack of healthy eating or excercise. I just gained weight. Of course, I was tiny and my body is shaped so much different now so maybe I wont put on as much. Luckily I lost it with my first though. I'd like to avoid being that big. I think a goal of 30(ish) lbs is good for me this time.
I take Natural Calm magnesium and I love it. I drink it at night because it can make me sleepy so I'm not sure how it works with morning sickness. I notice a lot of benefits from it though. It relieves constipation, helps me sleep, relieves crampiness and helps me relax so much.
I wish I could. With my first pregnancy I had NO interest in sex at all but this time I do. Sadly, I've been put on pelvic rest until at least 12 weeks. :( boo   I can speak for my first pregnancy though. I had no interest in sex at all and it didn't return until a few months after I had my son. I hope that's not the case for you.
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