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That's so funny. I help the ring over ds's belly and it was going side to side but over mine it went in circles! I was surprised so I told him to hold it and sure enough, same thing. Hmmm. 
I've been taking a poll from everyone I've told... I think it's at about 10 people saying girl and 3 for boy. I hope for a healthy baby but it would be awesome if that baby was a girl :)
I'm just wondering what tests you decline during pregnancy and why.   I went to an OB until I was 30 weeks with my first and then switched to a midwife. I never really questioned any of the tests they offered and I just did them.   This time around I went into my first midwife appointment and declined the initial blood work and the vaginal exam to check for gonorrhea/syphilis. I saw no reason for blood work or what it checked for and I would have gotten the vaginal...
I actually have a subchorionic hematoma so I have had to get ultrasounds to monitor it. Luckily, I only bled once at 5 weeks and haven't again! Hopefully I dont anymore.
I'm so sorry :(
Thanks for the input! Any reassurance is awesome especially since I'm only 6 weeks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's clotting or gone by my next ultrasound.
Is is okay during pregnancy? I have found different opinions across the internet and I have not yet seen my midwife.I have taken it regularly before I got pregnant...
I thought I would post an update for anyone who may come across this thread in the future and wonder what they have. I do have a subchorionic hematoma and so far the prospects look good as long as it continues to get smaller. The bleeding has stopped and I am looking at natural ways to help the SCH go away.Vitamin K has been shown to help by a lot of woman but through foods and not an actual supplement. I'm going to continue to do all I can.
Bump for some answers~
I posted this elsewhere but thought I would try here too. Oh and I apologize for any TMI moments in the post.   On Tuesday I had a gush of blood around 2. I went to the ER and they only saw the sac on the u/s, which would be expected as I was 5w3d. They did blood tests, etc, and couldn't find anything else that could have caused the bleeding. My hCg levels were also normal (somewhere in the 7 thousand range). All the told me was to go home, stay off my feet and come back...
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