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Yep, I need to be watching this threat too but I agree, Ina May's Guide to Childbirth is my all time favorite book!!! It aws so inspiring for me. I also read another book with birth/meditation techniques and I don't remember what it was called! I will try to find out but it was great, too.
No doctors for me! I requested to see my midwife in January when I will be about 10 weeks or so. I don't mind seeing her that early at all. I like to visit with her anyway :)
I would love the 'recipie'! Anything to save some money :)
I called my friend who is a distributor for young living and she said to get the lavender for sure. Apparently she used it and it worked well for her plus I am having trouble sleeping lately! Thanks!
Well, I lied. I told my close family today!
She isn't going to do it! I just talked to her and she said "your LO isn't?" and I explained that he isn't and why I didn't believe in it. She said she trusts my opinion and she thought she had to have it done. She was sooo relieved!!! 
I know how you feel about school. I was a nursing major when I had ds and then a year later switched. Thankfully I am finally graduating (After 5 1/2 years) this May!! What is your major?
I told people immediately with ds but I found out a lot later. I'm just 4 weeks so we are trying to hold off on telling but it's SO hard! I want to share withe everyone! My ds is only 5 so I'm not sure if I should tell him yet... I will probably just wait until my first appointment with the midwife to make sure everything is okay and then I will share with the world!
If it makes you feel any better with my first I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was about 8 weeks along. I had no symptoms until about two weeks after that. This time I tested so early (3 weeks, 5 days) due to the symptoms. 
I did use a heating pad but it's just temporary relief... I didn't try a cold pack yet though. Maybe do that next.
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