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Quote: Originally Posted by 2xshy I love my baby, and would stay pregnant for 80 weeks if that is what it took, . At least we can be thankful it is NOT 80 weeks, oh man, I don't know how I would survive!!!
my MW just factors in last period, cycles, when i had sex last, if my periods are irregular or not and makes up a due date based on all of that. thats all i know
Quote: Originally Posted by thekimballs Thick, long hair and excessive shedding are signs of Addison's disease and a couple other adrenal disorders. I would definitely mention the symptoms to a vet. If he checks out OK, I would switch diets (raw is best, then the meat+veggies combos like Sojos, then the grain-free kibbles, then the super-premium kibbles like Innova, Solid Gold, etc.) and consider supplementing. Missing Link, Mrs. Allen's Shed Stop, etc....
Yeah, slowly but surely i am. he use to sleep under the blanket actually, then he moved to sleeping next to me on top of the blanket and now he's at the end of the bed.... but i wasn't planning on sleeping with the baby and the dog in the bed.
Quote: Originally Posted by jlutgendorf It can have a lot to do with what you feed. The "crappier" the food, often the worse the shedding. ~Julia What kind of food would you recommend?
Yeah, I don't mind so much... I'm just afraid once the baby gets here I'm gonna mind! Plus, i have 3 cats. i guess it doesn't help that i let him sleep in my bed and get on the furniture but i can't really say no because i've allowed it for so long. he thinks my bed is his bed.
He's a healthy and energetic dog, but i was told it might have something to do with him being an indoor dog. his hair is just really, really thick....
yeah.. i got this done and it looked good for about two weeks... then it continued to slowly fade for about 2 more weeks. i would wait until january to get it done.
Rescue a dog! They REALLY need homes! Lab or Lab mixes are always good dogs....I think it more depends on the dog, not he breed. Oh, yeah... and I would go with a girl dog. Just my experience, but they seem to be a lot more calm than most boys, of course, my boys haven't been fixed. Good luck to you~~
I have a german shorthaired pointer but his hair is longer than a normal german shorthair... He sheds SO horribly. I have to clean up the hair around 5 times a day and I always have hair everywhere. it's really starting to get bad, and i have a baby coming in january and there is no way i will be able to put him on the floor! there is just too much hair, and there is hair in my car! i love my dog so much but i just dont know what to do.... I have tried the combs and...
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