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Hi everyone! I am Brandy, and my dh and I are expecting our fourth! It is almost surreal to be typing that as I never saw myself with 1, much less 4. :) We have a 7yo dd and 18mo twin dds. I have been lurking since mid-November. At our 5w appt, I was told to expect a miscarriage and call back once I started bleeding. We are now 13w2d, so our little bean had different plans for us. We have now been given the all-clear and have started to feel comfortable enough to spread...
I'm Brandy, and I'm due July 3rd.
Welcome and congrats! My oldest dd was almost 6 when we had our twins, and it worked out wonderfully. Now however, my twins will barely be 2, if I carry until my due date. So I am a little nervous about that. I really did like the big span between my oldest and the twins though!
Hi everyone! I have been lurking since November, but I am just now introducing myself. My name is Brandy, and I am 33 yrs old. We live in SE TN. I am 13w2d, but we were told from 5w until our 12w appt that we would lose our little one. He obviously has different plans! We are due July 3rd, and this will be our 4th child. I have a 7yo and 18mo old twins.
36 weeks 6 days No NICU!
I too had so many negative comments that I was absolutely terrified at the thought of bringing my sweet baby girls home. While parenting twins points out my shortcomings every day, it is by far the most fulfilling and rewarding experience! Just watching these sweet souls grow together makes every sleepless night worth it. My girls also share with each other, and if one starts crying, watch out- sister wants to know why. The interaction between them is amazing. I can't...
I have to agree with them! Most co-sleeping deaths occur when one of the parents is drunk, high on drugs, or both. My husband is the heaviest sleeper in the world, but when our dd was in bed with us, he never moved a muscle. She slept with us from the time she was a month old, and she's now 7. She still crawls in when she has a nightmare, etc. The only reason I don't co-sleep with our twins- there simply isn't enough room in our bed. You know your baby and what works best...
I agree with flower on this, and I too am a Catholic. As much as I would love for everyone to be Catholic- you can't force it. I think in the long run a 'fake' baptism would do more harm than good. If you have no intentions of raising your children in the Catholic faith, then I personally would not baptize them as such. Just have a very frank talk with your grandma and explain that you can't in good conscience lie to and in front of your family. Hope this helps! Brandy
Our 5 wk u/s showed only one, but then at my 9 wk appt we had two! So, you never really know for sure!
Quote: Originally Posted by AustGirl Friday started out as a normal day for me. I work from home, and had an easy morning in front of the computer. At midday, I headed to the kitchen for lunch. I started to feel a little woozy, as if from low blood sugar, so I figured I must've been hungrier than I thought. My DH called, and after a couple of minutes talking, I was forgetting basic things - what I had for breakfast, what I was in the middle of making for...
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