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One of my babes always looked to the same side as well. He always had his head turned to the left and I thought maybe it was because I always held him in that arm or something. Anyway, this is a distant memory because he just started looking the other way and never had a problem anymore. Just so you know, sometimes it's really nothing to worry about. But if you are worried - go check it out and I wish you luck.........Dawn
Yes, way to go! You're going to have two more beautiful people to love in your family. You are blessed and there's really no other way to see it. I too was shocked with twins and had to deal with one friend in particular who didn't see it as a good thing. My family is just tickled pink to have two babies and it is hard but it is wonderful. Good luck and congrats!
Valkyrina, my boys are both over 15pounds already - they eat a lot obviously! How much do your boys weigh? and how do you wear them both in the wrap - so interested! or are mine too heavy for this? I wear them together sometimes but now in separate wraps - sling/pouch or sling/mai tai on back. Hope you're having a good day........Dawn
Just enjoyed reading all the responses and wanted to say Hi to valkyrina - my twin boys were born September 17th/07! We're doing great and it sounds like you are really figuring things out too. It's really a constant learning process......Dawn
Thanks, I'd love to participate. How do I send you a picture?
Hi everyone. My boys Simon and Leo were born on Monday, September 17th. I came home on the Wednesday. I keep waiting for it to get hard but so far it's been easy. Just lots of nursing and snuggling. They were 36 weeks and 4 days and no problems. I've tandem nursed a coupla times but mostly I just do them one at a time, whenever they want. Then I can give them lots of individual attention or perhaps do something else with the other hand. It's going great so far. My blood...
Oh you guys are amazing! Thanks for your replies. I got hold of my doc and did go in to the hospital to get checked out. Well, they didn't let me leave until today. My BP is still a little high but everything's OK - no further symptoms - no pre-eclampsia - thank God! I'm to check my BP and babies' heart rates daily (have to go to the hosp. to do this so that's a little stressful!) until my next doc appointment on Monday. Things are looking fine so far, so thanks again for...
My blood pressure has always (for years) been a little high (just a little) but Friday at the doctors it was quite high. Doctor advised me to please check it at the pharmacy tomorrow and if it's not below 140/90 then to please go the case room at the hospital - might need to monitor it there. I know why it's high - I've been fighting with the school for my 7 year old to be in another class. They won't budge and it's frustrating as heck. I've been so stressed out and sad...
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