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Hi. I'm confused. If my dh is the only one out of the two of us who made an income in 2007, how much does he get? Is it $300 or $600 a person? Also, do I, as his spouse, eventhough I did not make an income, get the same amount additionally? *
Thanks so much! She has 1 child, 6 year old.
My single mom friend makes $2000 a month. She pays $900 a month for daycare. And $800 a month for rent. This leaves her with $300 for gas, food and utilities. I'm wondering if she will qualify for food stamps. She said in the past, she tried and did not qualify. But back then she was not paying $900 a month for child care. ? - Are there other mom's with similar situations, who can tell me what their experience has been? I'm going to pick her up an...
Quote: Originally Posted by cjuniverse My solution is: Raise them as you would a girl. It's what I'm trying, anyway. Teach them to be sensitive, nurturing, gentle and kind. We'll see how it goes. Great idea!! I was talking to a couple other mom's who both expressed how great it would be to have another woman as a partner. My ideal man would be a homemaker, 50/50.
Quote: Originally Posted by NolaRiordan Actually I think my stbx is overall pretty respectful of women-- just not *this* woman. Same with me, in the past. I'd be interesting to study what went wrong when *those guys* were being raised. I'm sure it's not all environmental. :
I agree. Make him something that he couldn't just go out and buy. Something that wouldn't normally come his way, without an amazing women in his life.
Hi, Just wanted to bounce ideas off each other, was to ways to raise our sons to respect women. Just wanted to brainstorm some ideas. So, if you have any, post them!
I fully agree with the previous posters. Jumping right into another relationship will only mean the same old cr*p. He'll have the same problems and she will for sure be dealing with the same things you dealt with. And you never know what is really going on. It may look good from the outside. My ex jumped into a relationship really quickly. My mind drove me nuts, imagining things that just hurt me, assuming things were the way he'd like for them to appear. Later,...
Maybe get a breath-a-lizer (spelling?) tester, and not allow ds to ride in the car with him? In turn, x should give you $ for gas. Good think ds is almost 5, instead of 18 months or something, so that if x were to be under the influence around the house, ds would be able to take care of himself, if need be. Except if there were an emergency and he was too out of it. Remind your son how great of a mom you are by helping x move with you guys. And also, you MUST...
Is he the cold, calculating, serious, organized, smart, evil type or The unstable, explosive, immature, disorganized, has a lot of problems, foggy type? Hopefully, if it's the 2nd, then I bet as time goes on, he will grow apart from the idea of your dc and it will be in the back of his mind, way back.
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