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I palped too big for dates all teh way through my dates were 100% correct ( we are a lesbian couple) after 62 hours in labour I had my son by c sec 10 pounds 10 ounces. Sorry to not be reassuring. Maybe you just have a big baby - there are advantages, he was hardier, fitted 3 month clothing straight away! And he was beautiful. I HATED having a caesar but I love having my baby!!
congrats!! We are preggie too - no 2 due end of july!! Go well Madison Claire
My mum died on 9 Jan 2000 and it's still really painful. I was 27 she was 58. She also died after only being sick for three months with breast cancer, guess the worst thing was they were treating her with chemo and gave us a whole heap of crap about being able to put her in remission and then she got pneumonia from the chemo stuffing up her immune system and we spent three days waiting to see if she would pull through. Agh. My own thoughts about when it gets better? ...
oops joined this thread a little late, we are all lacto-ovo veges in our house. My son is being raised vege (no dairy cos he is allergic). I can't imagine eating meat again. Been vege now about 7 years. Ok, my little rave I hate it when people don't understand about vegedom. Eg people say "oh are you vegetarian" and I say "yes" "Do you eat fish they say?" " No I reply - because that wouldn't be vegetarian" "do you eat eggs?" they ask "yes I say, I eat eggs and...
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