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I "like" Bella Luna Toys on Facebook!
I "like" Mothering on Facebook!
I love it!!! My guy is not so sweet with his kisses. He grabs my hair and pulls me into his drooling open mouth! I still can't get enough of them though!
I've been mostly lurking, but had to post because am so thankful that you other mommas make me feel NORMAL!! I am finding that the hardest part about motherhood is being able to trust my instincts and give my baby what he needs (not what grandma thinks, or the books say, or the baby sitter, or the woman in line at the grocery store, etc). That being said, I am constantly talking to other mommas about their babes and life as a momma (ummm, that is when i get out of the...
On a "good night" my baby sleeps 5 hours straight. Usually just 3 hours at a time for the longest stretch each night. Partially in the crib, mostly in our bed. I must say, after 7 months I am exhausted and ready for a change. I read No Cry Sleep Solution when DS was little, but it never seemed to apply to him. I know I am giving him what he needs, and have to remind myself that he is fine, but am anxious to hear what other people have to say. Anyhoo......
sooooooooooooo jealous. I know I am giving my guy what he needs, but it would feel so good to get more than 3 hours of sleep!
Thank you for sharing - the visuals REALLY help!! Plus it is good to know that an off the shelf abdominal binder will work, too (vs. expensive fancy ones)!! You are looking great momma - glad to hear that the diastasis is healing up and the muscle tone is returning!!
It is a strange oxymoron that the hospital really isn't a restful healing place - I'm sorry your experience was so stressful. Enjoy your little one at home - CONGRATULATIONS!!
What a beautiful blessing!! Great pictures - I can really see the love!
My cats have been acting strange recently too. I think they can sense the impending family dynamic change, and are used to being the center of attention. Something to do with pack group dynamics. Luckily, I only have one cat who is a "protest pooper." He keeps it isolated to just outside the litterbox down in the unfinished basement. Plus, it is my husbands job to clean the litterboxes!! Have you tried using one of the enzyme cleaners in the cats frequent...
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