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Sorry you are dealing with this - it sounds miserable! I have no experience with this so sorry I can't offer much for advice. I do have experience with allergies and can tell you that allergy testing is OFTEN inaccurate. Have you tried cutting out any foods? Gluten and dairy are generally your first suspects because they are the most common. Make sure to cut them out 100% for at least a few weeks. That's where I would start...good luck!
Ok good to know that it is probably normal newborn stuff. I was paranoid due to family history of food allergies. Good to hear I likely won't need to take anything else out of my diet!
Anyone have a Little one who does a lot of grunting/straining? DS has been doing it for a couple weeks and he tends to do it more at night. It seems like he's trying to poop (he poops plenty so I don't think that is really the issue). At night he does it and sleeps through it at first but then eventually wakes from it and cries, continues to strain until he burps or poops or gives in to tiredness. Just curious how common this is as I didn't experience it with my other two....
Aww congrats! Meadow was at the top of our list for girl names (but we had a boy). Love it! Enjoy your new little one!
Good luck mngreyday! I know how hard it is to wait past that 42 week mark! It won't be much longer now...hang in there! DS was born last night (thank you full moon)!! I was 42 weeks, 3 days. He was 9 lbs, 22 inches. Long early labor phase but less than 2 hours active labor. Beautiful water birth with baby born in the caul and a nuchal arm! We are in love!!
Good luck Trisha! Maybe today during this full moon?? I think things are starting up for me as well finally. I'm 42+3 so this HAS to be it, right?? Good luck all - looking forward to reading about more births as the day goes on!
Yay!! Congrats - so happy all went well!
Congrats to all the new mamas! Aunaturalmama, any news? I'll be 42 weeks tomorrow...trying to stay patient! I'm 100% sure of my dates but my OB has me at 42+3 based on my cycle. I'm planning a home birth with midwife so she is fine with going beyond 42 weeks. I'm not sure whether I want to go in for NST (scheduled today). I had one last Thursday and all looked good...just had to deal with the doctor questioning/pressuring me I went to 42+4 with my dd so I know this is...
Are any of you doing EPO? I have some on hand but haven't started...I just don't feel like doing anything will really help put me in labor. With dd I tried SO many things and still went 42+4 and I don't think it was anything I was doing that ultimately put me in labor...I think that my body just had to start it on its own. So this time around I'm just trying to be patient and know that for me, closer to 42 weeks is MY normal...so hard because I just want to meet this...
I haven't posted much, but I'm here too! I'm 40+2. I've had frequent BH contractions all day today but I've had them a lot throughout my entire pregnancy. Trying to just ignore them because dd was born at 42+4. Haven't been checked and haven't lost mucous plug. So excited to meet this little one! Good luck mamas - can't wait to read more birth stories!
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