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Quote: Originally Posted by fancyoats my dh and i both chose a new name when we got married, so that makes it a little more complicated, since i couldn't just use the marriage license to do the change. the same judge who married us also signed the name change decree, and it was very easy. we had to get a background check beforehand (i guess so that they would know if we were criminals trying to evade arrest by changing name???) and then bring the...
Hello, Has anyone legally changed their last name following a marriage in Rhode Island. If yes, could you tell me what steps are involved and, more importantly, where I should begin? Thank you!!!! I've been sifting through a lot of information online and I'm starting to get overwhelmed.
Sending you a PM
Rhode Island: Memorial Hospital, Kent Hospital, & Women & Infants
Have you tried to post on Brown's student employment site? This is great timing since the students are returning at about this time. I placed an ad and my email was inundated with students looking for a childcare position. The person I found is wonderful. She gave me a long list of references and each person had only glowing things to say about her. PM me if you'd like her information.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lemon Juice Once all the info is ready and approved, etc. I will pass that (community/district info) and much much more to you all! Oh..and we meet on Wed! So... I've been out of the loop... by Wed, did you mean today or for next week the 19th?
Shoot, I just remembered that my bro-inlaw is getting married and I won't be around. Darn! I'll keep checking back updates on the next meeting. Is it OK to forward this information to non-mdcers?
great timing! i was just about to start a thread on hs families in pvd. count me in
What type of massage are you looking for? This may be a good start: Motion Center
I'm recovering from an injury and need to see a chiropractor. Anyone have a recommendation? I'm looking for a female chiropractor in the providence area. Thanks!
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