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Congratulations!  My thoughts are with you through this pregnancy.   
Such beautiful bellies! And so exciting that some are being vacated!!!   One of my maternity pics from 35w:
Cool silhouette, dakipode! 24w:
Ugh, every time I post from my phone, I double post....
It takes me forever to go from 0-4 and then it is like a freight train! With my 3rd, I was 1cm at 38w, 2 at 39, 3 at 40, 3 at 40 3/7. I contracted every night for HOURS, with contractions 5 minutes apart, for every nanometer of dilation. I went into labor around 03:00am at 40 6/7. Finally, I consented to letting my midwife come over. She checked me at 04:08pm and I was 4cm - and super discouraged! At 5:27pm my water broke, the midife returned at 5:50, she checked me again,...
I LOVE Lillian Adora.  It flows really well! 
I never realized how awesome it was to eat after birth -after my first I was told I couldn't eat because I "missed" breakfast (he was born at 06:57am).  After my second, no one offered and I didn't ask.  So, when my midwife insisted that I eat, I was reluctant - plus, we didn't have ANY food (except grapes, almonds, eggs, and bread).  Finally, she talked me into eating some grapes and almonds and then I was starving.  My mom made me fried eggs and toast and it was the...
23w - where did the point come from?!
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