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20w!: I do NOT like to be touched by strangers.  I can only recall once a stranger touching my belly - with my first.  I didn't do anything, it was good-natured and she didn't speak English, so I let it go.
Left my Zofran in Kentucky, left my Cal/Mag supplement in Maryland, left my cell phone in the hotel room - after we checked out, but before we left I remembered it, threw out my credit card...
Cool!  We tie-dyed stuff for my youngest, it was fun for me AND the kids. :)
#1 40w 5d #2 40w 6d #3 40w 6d I'm guessing #4 will be similar...
I can only knit on a loom, so I am planning some hats and attempting socks (I've previously failed). We'll definitely tie-dye some shirts. I'd like to sew somethings but can't think of anything unisex!
Congratulations to everyone who has found out recently!  How exciting!!!
After a particularly forgetful day, I told my husband that if I were to go somewhere alone with the kids that he would need to call and make sure I remembered them!
Yep, my fourth - and  I've had other people tell that their fourth pregnancy was really difficult as well!  Thanks for the encouragement, I needed it LOTS!  Cervical length and placenta location are part of the midtrimester ultrasound - though, I've never been "told" them - I've had to ask.  I didn't bother asking the sonographer, I just asked to read the report at my following prenatal appointment.  I was told once that it was too hard to get a cervical length on me (at...
I am so so sorry.
aoifesmiles, I am so sorry you are experiencing this!  It must be absolutely terrifying.    You are in my thoughts!  
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