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Opps, that posted twice, sorry!
Opps, my due date is 9/27.
With my OB (first 2 pregnancies) the ultrasound took about 15 minutes, they do it in their office.   With the last 2 pregnancies, I have gone to independent imaging centers - and it has taken about an hour for each appointment.  The actual ultrasound, about 15 minutes - but the registering, the waiting, etc. really draws it out.    I hope your schedule works out!   Thanks for the kind words!
I want to reply to everything in this thread, because I think it is really important!  As an introvert with 3 young children, I really have very little "village" - and for the first time, I'm a little nervous about it!  I don't have time right now, my last final for the semester is tomorrow, so I need to finish studying, but I did want to respond to one thing REALLY quickly.  As someone who knows you in real life, I have never thought you were aloof or snobby.  You've...
My placenta IS anterior!  So, I guess I'll feel stuff later :)   vc2013, the initial movements for me felt like rolling motions in my low abdomen/pelvis progressing to a guppy flipping around and finally to typical kick feelings.  One day you'll feel it, and definitely know and may be able to think back to other times that you felt the same.  It's so neat, you'll really enjoy it.    
Wow, so nice to hear about all of thee great appointments!  Congrats to everyone who has found out the gender!    I had a crappy appointment today - mixed with a little good.  My blood pressure was high, and it's usually low.  My hyperemesis still sucks, I had ketones and protein in my urine.  My cervical length was short on ultrasound - we're already talking about Procardia.  I sat and cried, but my midwives were awesome.  I was ordered to do less homework,...
KellyandKatie, I'm definitely noticing a difference in the amount of movement that I feel with this baby, too (baby #4).  I've always felt them move early and often, so it freaks me out that I don't feel this one as much.  However, I saw with my own two eyes it squirming like CRAZY on the ultrasound last week, so I know he or she is moving - I'm just not feeling it.  I suspect that my placenta is anterior and to the right (where baby also happens to be) because I can...
I giggled, hard.  Um, lift babies all day - I'm on strict "no exercise" orders from my midwife due to hyperemesis, but even when I am able to exercise, I just run.  My kids like to be picked up!   Thank you so much for the really nice compliment!!!
I'm up 4lbs at 16w.  In my previous pregnancies, I have been up 16lbs at 16w, but hyperemesis is making it hard to eat.    I gained 44lbs my first pregnancy, and he was 7lb 15oz; 46lbs the 2nd pregnancy and he was 8lb 20z; and 39lbs the third pregnancy - she was 9lb1oz.    I always start out just a little under 100lbs...  
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