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So many cute bellies!    Me at 16w:
How exciting for everyone who has found out!  Congratulations to you all!   We are firmly team green after my ultrasound this morning - I closed my eyes for the femur measurements - though I did happen to "blink" them open for a moment - and baby was spread eagle.  My eyes weren't open long enough to see anything more than that.  The tech DID refer to the baby as "he" once - and then quickly said, "I don't know the sex of baby; I just sometimes accidentally say "he"...
A few days ago, at 15w1d...
So cute!  You look great!
Yep, hi! 
Oh my goodness, the Scary Mommy blog is hilarious!    I've done quite a bit of school while pregnant/as a mother.  I finished my first Bachelor's degree (in Molecular and Microbiology) just after my 1st was born, finished a Master's in Public Health after my 2nd was born, and did my Bachelor's for nursing with my third - I'm currently in my 2nd Master's program now.  I've done things differently each time: with my 1st I had 10 weeks off; my 2nd, I went back to class...
Here's me at 14w! 
Aidenn, I LOVE Oliver (see my 2nd child's middle name - named after Oliver Twist) and Quimby - I'm a fan of literary names.   I also think your girl's name is BEAUTIFUL!  I suggested Beatrix but was rejected.    My husband is refusing to waver from our chosen names.  In frustration I told him "If I want to talk about baby names every day until I give birth, you will talk about baby names.  With a smile on your face."  
Heard it with my own doppler at 9w (we tried at 7w5d, but couldn't get it in the office).   
Me, at 13w! 
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