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Quote: Originally Posted by Vegan Princess RRS: Here is the recipe. I don't have a link for the sauce. However the sauce never turns out to my liking anyway. So perhaps you can google around and find a recipe that might be better anyway? Enjoy! Thank you! I'm excited to try it!
Ok, now that I've gotten some inspiration from this thread, I can post this week's dinner plan: Monday - "sausage" white bean, delcata squash with stuffing, kale salad Tuesday - we'll be at my parents Wednesday - baked pumpkin ziti, braised Brussels sprouts, salad Thursday - tandoori portabella mushroom, kale and toor dal, salad Friday - Out to dinner Saturday - Birthday party
Quote: Originally Posted by Vegan Princess Last night I made tandoori portobello mushrooms w/a tamarind dipping sauce. Yum! Yum!!! Would you share the recipe for this, please?
Quote: Originally Posted by TonyaW So does this mean that the C. Tetani bacteria which are in aerobic conditions can become active in anaerobic conditions? I don't have a degree in science, so I am not exactly sure how to word what I am thinking? So C Tetani can be sitting on my cutting knife and if I accidentally stabbed myself, then I would get the bacteria inside and if they found an anaerobic niche then they would create the toxin? Or, would my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Otto Which is why proper debridement is essential for tetanus-prone wounds. I certainly wasn't arguing that. I was merely responding to TonyaW's request for further clarification. Quote: Originally Posted by Otto [ETA.--I think vegetative C. tetani is actually mildly oxygen-tolerant.] I've double-checked in a couple of my microbiology texts, which state that C. tetani is, in fact, an...
The bacteria (in its vegetative, growing, living state) are anaerobic. The endospores are indifferent. They withstand heat, desiccation, chemicals, and oxygen that the vegetative cells would not survive. They will only germinate in favorable (i.e. anaerobic) conditions.
The Clostridium tetani species is an obligate anaerobe. The anaerobic microenvironments created by other organisms allow them to live in soil. The vegetative cells create endospores in anaerobic conditions. The endospores are indifferent to the presence of O2, but will only germinate in an anaerobic condition. My source is my undergraduate education; I have a Bachelor's degree in Microbiology.
Sunday night we had Pasta with Savory Caramelized Onions and Swiss Chard (from my garden!) and a green salad. Last night we had Sweet Chili Lime Tofu with Wok Steamed Collards (from my garden!) and Quinoa and Thai-Style BBQ Veggies. Tonight we are having Penne with Spinach and Canellini Beans, and a green salad.
Carter was 30lbs at a year, I was carrying him on the front in the MT, and I'm tiny at 5'3" and 95lbs.
My youngest son was nearly hospitalized at 4 weeks for RSV. He is exclusively breastfed, and had not been vaccinated at that point. He was very sick, I could not lay him down for a diaper change, because his respiratory function was so compromised - he would become cyanotic. I begged to keep him out of the hospital. My older son was hospitalized around that age, and it was miserable. Plus, my older son is still nursing, I did not feel that I could leave him. I...
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