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Im a believer in Baby Led Weaning. I think babies nered to be mature enough to eat solid foods, and the maturity level is given by 4 signs: being able to sit unassisted, losing the tongue trush reflex and developing a pincer grasp. Interest in food is also a sign, but it can not be the only one. My baby is 4 months, and if Im drinking a beer wiuth her on my lap, she will reach for the glass...doesnt mean shes ready for it.   I suggest laying her on the floor and you...
Hi! Will you ship internationally? Im in Argentina. Not sure how would that work, but here prices are insane! Your offer is really good!
Hi! Long time since I posted on the DDC. Im having a HBAC! VEry happy and escited about ir, I have great midwives, a pool and a very very supportive enviroment. Eveything is going really good, baby is in a good position, and im looking forward to birth her <3
ginger did nothing for me. i also cut dairy. what is working now is sparklin water!
keeping with As, I got a new fav in case its a boy. Astor. Astor Astor. im loving it! 
yay!!!!   sticky baby vibes your way!!!
    So funny! My son Indi sometimes says his name is Orion, and I loooove the name Calliope! I used to dream about twins named Calliope and Cassiopeia   I like   Vera Azul Ambar Arwen   we`ll see...I dont have much ideas for boys names, but I like the idea of gender neutral ones
Hola!   I just joined this DDC, so glad theres a place to chat!   Im having heavy nausea. I have very little energy, and I want to lay in bed a lot. Mornings, until 2 pm are the worst. By the afternoon it gets a bit better. My son Indi gets a bit bored, hes used to be going places and having people over, and these days, im out. Fortunately, I have friends who have been taking him to do fun things.   Im super happy about this pregancy! last time I planned a HB...
Hola!!!!!!!!!!!!!         EDD (feel free to use beginning/middle/end of month, if you prefer) April 10th Your Name: (if you would like to share) Delfina Age: 33 State or Country: Buenos Aires, Argentina How long it took to you to get your BFP: 2 cycles What number child is this for you: 2 Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): british husband Adam, son Indi, he`s 4  1/2 Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): we...
I believe the birthplace is sacred and vulnerable, and that adrenalin is contagious. We do not want adrenalin at a birth, since its antagonic to oxitocin. For a birth to be peaceful, the mom has to be relaxed, away from logic, conected with the primitive part of herself. Its hard to know how is a baby going to interact with that. Its hard to know if the baby is going to be comfortable there, knowing his/her mom is busy, in a different house, different semlls, a women...
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