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that's the most damaging part of abuse. It's a sensation, a feeling, a suspicion, is hard to "prove" but the victim knows something happened. Also, the fact that it was never named, no one said to you: you are feeling like this because this has happened. The victim lives in this disociated state where what happened (because it was experienced) didin't happenede (because no adult put a name to it). That's why it's healing to name those experiences you had. Another...
yes, they are common. the psiquis doesn't get along with ambivalence, that's why it takes one pole and rejects the other one wich goes to the shadow. it does'nt dissapear and plays a big role in our reactions, so a good therapyst and not just any counselor might help you detangle your memories and early impressions. you can also look into holotropic breathing. nak atm, will be back later
i didn't scrub my nipples or anything, but i expose them to the sun, and i never had any pain bfing, don't know if it eas because of that or what.
hi! i'm here with my english husband and mexican 2 yo. Let me know when you are around!
i was thinking about this the other day when my dj partner put on some psychedelic turbo trance at 180 bpm...that stuff makes your ears bleed. it was too much for me, so i think it was too much for my 2 yo
Dolores means "pains"
Delfina here... i also love Juana Azul Carmen Tadeo Gaspar Timoteo
It's not about guilt! it's not about blaming the mother, in the case of a child! It is not that mothers are mean and evil so they pass illness to their kids. That is not what im saying. But maybe there is something that the mother is experiencing, and can manifest in the child. The shadow can also come from older generations. Whatever we reject and resist, is going to find its way out. But symptoms are not the illness. They are alarms. modern medicine is great at...
I think that what some posters are trying to say, is that a disease is a part relegated to our shadow completing the person. Maybe it's not clear. (this is not my firts language). Disease brings what we are consiously rejecting, but instead of just dissapearing, manifests in the body, after trying to be integrated in the psyche. With a disease, is important to ask ourselves the following questions: what is this condition demanding from me? what is this condition keeping...
Surfacing, I totally understand that if you are losing it and you are about to respond violently because you are overwhelmed, it's preferable to put down your child instead of doing something that you are going to regret afterwards. The OP is concerned that her daughter is whiny. I don't remember her saying she's suffering from PPD and is unable to cope, she's saying that her wining is annoying. And yes, sometimes babies can be annoying. As a PP said, they communicate...
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