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What?!?!?  I can't believe it!  I feel like it was just yesterday I was reading your application essay.  Congrats on being in the home stretch!   But oh yes, that's right - that was years ago when I worked for the evil law firm, before I had found the closest place to heaven that corporate litigation gets. ;)  I've been working part-time, partial telecommuting for a tiny boutique with three female partners as their only associate, and it's meant an astronomical...
Oh, I just thought I should mention... I thought I wanted a water birth too, or at least to use the tub most of the time. It turned out not to be - someone else was using the room with the tub! So while your chances are pretty good that you will get one with Patty at Elmer, there is a chance you will have to settle for the jacuzzi, and they won't do births in there (nor do I think you would want to...) - so just be prepared for an out-of-water birth, too.
Thanks - that's a good idea... he is already doing a good job getting over it once we are downstairs and started on our day. My DH took the morning shift this morning and soothed DS when he woke around 4:30, and that seemed to help - he slept through until 7 after that. He still asked to nurse as soon as he found me, but at least he wasn't asking in the middle of the night! I wish I had used your strategy, though - I will remember that for next time!
Patti Madden is fantastic; I just wrote a rave about her in another thread (probably just below this one). I hope you can get in with her!
I couldn't help but chime in with nothing but praise for Patti and Leisa, and Elmer. They are both just incredible! I had the most amazing birth experience and I give them all the credit. They are much more willing to work with women who DO want interventions than Karen, BUT they will support your desire to go without 110%, especially Patti. I had a bleeding episode late in my second trimester and hospitalized, and while there was diagnosed with gestational diabetes,...
Carrie, when I started cutting my DS (almost 2) back a few months ago, I noticed he was more cranky than usual. I think even if they are distracted enough not to want the nursing, they still sense something is different in a way that doesn't make them happy. Our process was going GREAT but now it's a disaster. We easily cut him back from nursing about 7-10 times a day after 18 months (having nightweaned already) to 4 times (morning, nap if I'm home, before dinner, and...
We had our crib sidecarred too. It was hard to keep it in it starting around that age, but what sometimes worked was to nurse him IN the sidecar - just lay your whole body in there. I know she's not staying asleep with the nursing, but if you get that back to working, then you could try feeding her in there to gain some space. I have sooo been where you are - I can tell you that the wakings WILL decrease, but it might be awhile... Hugs.
I'm with you. We are trying to end the co-sleeping (which has been happening in DS's full size bed) because DS (at almost 2) was still waking up 2-3 times a night... but it's only gotten worse. I wish I had some advice, because I have no idea what the answer is! Co-sleeping is just not the magic solution for us that it is for some families.
We nightweaned at around 15 months and it worked great, as long as we were committed to some form of co-sleeping. We tried to cut out the co-sleeping at almost 2 and he is now waking up 4-6 times a night again. I would say that if you have everything else the way you want it, nightweaning should do the trick! Good luck.
Mel, I think I missed how you finally broke the naptime association - did he just stop wanting it or did you do something more active? In the past few weeks mine has been forcing his hands down my shirt to play with my other nipple constantly and it is driving me up a wall. He is so insistent about it! I have made it off limits because it was making me dread nursing. I don't know what I hate about it so much, LOL. But he IS starting to cut back on the nursing...
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