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I would stay out of it. Especially since you really don't know the situation. They may have her come home and check in at predetermined times, they may look out the window and check on her every so often. Truthfully, it surprises me when people get upset that older kids are playing outside a lot. I would much rather them be outside playing than sitting in front of a tv or video game in the house 24/7 like so many kids these days seem to do.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamaduck In the situation where she was hurt, I would have tried to back off and let them work on it for a minute. Maybe not leave the room, but I think your baby needs to read the message from you that, "You are safe with your daddy. You will be okay. I trust Daddy to care for you." I totally agree. I know that you were just trying to make the baby feel better, but daddy should be able to make the baby feel...
I will leave my 12 yr old home for a few hours here and there. Sometimes in charge of his 6 yr old sister. I have never left him home alone all day though, I think he is probably responsible enough I have just never had a reason to leave him alone all day.
I think the options you gave were fair. There have been MANY MANY toys that when given to one of our kids and right away we said, you know this is staying here (grandma's house) don't you? And we would all laugh, and it would stay there. hahaha
It sounds like you guys have a good relationship. Why not talk with him, give him the info on where it is and investigate the housing costs together and also look in the surrounding areas. You will never really know how he feels about it until you talk to him.
My oldest was like that. But at least my two younger ones actually acted like babies, even though it went fast.
Quote: Originally Posted by famousmockngbrd I agree she did not handle it very well. I'm just saying that may not have been indicative of the level of care she generally gave them. Though, maybe it was - who knows. It's definitely not how I would have dealt with the situation, and not how I would have wanted someone I was paying to take care of my kids to handle it either. I agree. We don't know if this was just an "off day" because of...
I don't really know how you can force a child to potty train. My oldest was potty trained at 2yrs old with no accidents and even stayed dry all night. My middle one potty trained around 2 1/2 3 years old, but took awhile longer for night time. My youngest is 2 1/2 and doesn't really care for the whole potty training thing yet. I'm just waiting and letting him tell me when he is ready.
I think what you are feeling is totally normal and your emotions will even out. Hang in there. I don't think they are trying to say things to frustrate you or hurt your feelings. People are just that way sometimes. My mother read me the riot act with each of my three kids, whatever, she doesn't have to raise them what does she care? Hang in there!
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