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Manchester Memorial Hospital has a pretty good reputation for being natural birth friendly.  For a practice, check out Manchester OB/GYN Associates.  They have OBs as well as CNMs on staff, both attend births.  Good luck in your search and best wishes for an easy birth!
I've heard great things about BethAnne Moonstone, she's in Amherst.  Have you found the Mass Midwives Alliance website yet?  They have a locator on it, here's a link- http://massmidwives.org/mapSearch Good luck in your search!
Just because this post has some new life on it, I figured I'd pop in to say that Birth & Beyond is back up and running.  I think they have 5 or 6 midwives on staff now and take insurance, including state Husky insurance. :) Edited to add: They won't attend births everywhere in CT, but their service range is pretty large!
Hi!  Congrats on your pregnancy! There are a handful of CPMs in the state attending homebirths... If you are in in north-central CT, Nancy Farr may be the closest to you.  She just moved her office, and I am blanking on where, but she's in the Hebron/Andover area.  Let me know if you'd like her number and can't find it. If you were interested in using a CNM, Birth&Beyond is a homebirth practice that serves most of the state.  Their main office is in Madison, but they...
I know of quite a few homeschoolers in your area!  There's a group that does classes at the Lutz Museum on Mondays which is huge, that would be a great resource for you.  Are you on Facebook?  If so, check out this group and post, I'm sure you will get some replies there! https://www.facebook.com/groups/cthomeschoolersinclusive/?fref=ts If you're not on Facebook I can give you the link to the same group's Yahoo email list as well. :)  
The midwives at Birth&Beyond don't attend home VBACs at all, as far as I know, let alone VBA2Cs. :( All of the other midwives who attend home births in Connecticut are CPMs and they do attend VBACs.  I'd be surprised if 2 C/Ss risked you out with most of them. 
Here's the link to the Facebook event listing, if you want to get updates but all the essential information is listed below! https://www.facebook.com/events/402288309841817/ Have some cloth diapers your little one has grown out of you are looking to sell? Or are you looking to bulk up your cloth diaper stash but on a budget? Then join us for the Cloth Diaper Sale & Swap Meet! Bring your gently used (clean!) cloth diapers to sell or swap, or just come to buy. Feel...
Hi!  We only have one freestanding birth center in CT, and it is located in Danbury.  From what I understand, it's located right across the street from Danbury Hospital.  The midwives at the birth center have admitting privileges there too, so if you need to be transferred to the hospital during labor it is a smooth transition.  You would have to contact them directly to see if you would be eligible to birth there though, they generally only take low risk clients; not...
For those of you in the area with nurslings, the Big Latch On event of Greater New Haven looks like it's going to be pretty cool this year!  It's this coming Saturday in Edgerton Park (which is actually in Hamden, I think?).  Be there around 10am, the count starts at 10:30am. :)   Here's a link to the Facebook event page- https://www.facebook.com/events/455175841181587/   And to the Big Latch On website, where you can get info about other locations...
I cut mine into like 1.5-2" chunks and froze them, then used a few each day in a fruit smoothie.  Usually orange juice, berries, and banana.  Honestly, it doesn't taste "meaty" at all in that form.  There's just a very slight metallic after taste.   
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