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i love prefolds too... it makes me sad to know so many people are scared of them. i always try to convince people to give them a chance because IMO they are so easy... not to mention so freakin' cheap!
anyone have experience with the XS size fireflies? are they like kissaluvs tiny but trimmer? and on a similar note, did anyone use small fireflies on a newborn? from their measurements they seem like they'd be too big to use right away...
fuzzi bunz used to have an xx-large size... though i'm not sure of the weight range or measurements on them or if they still make them. i do know where you can get some, PM me if interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by firefaery Clover-have you noticed it at WF? IT's only been there a week or so. I know you get yours in plastic-for the same price it's in glass... i haven't... don't go to whole foods much. though wild oats now also carries raw milk too by the half gallon (in plastic) and it's like $.10 cheaper then what i pay. i'm sticking to my co-op for now though, as i still want my eggs from the farm too.
we pay either $4.50 for a half gallon or $7 for a gallon. personally, as a family of 4 we almost never use even a half gallon per week. i believe this is because we don't straight up drink glasses of milk... we use it for scrambled eggs, to make pancakes, a bit in smoothies, and occasionally on cereal or oatmeal. i'm going to finally try my hand at making yogurt with it soon too. so that's how i justify the price... we use it sparingly. although i am a big fan of raw...
yup, been there done that. potty strikes are no fun, but if you stay relaxed and just keep on gently offering potty opportunities and communicating about misses it will end. i promise!
just wanted to chime in to repeat that CT is a pretty easy state to home/unschool in, especially if you are starting out homeschooling and never use the public school system to begin with. we're right outside of hartford and are really happy here. as a bonus, there's a pretty large AP/NFL community in the area too! we even have a crunchy baby/parenting store (slings! cloth diapers! organic clothes! ). in the spring/summer/fall months we have weekly park days and...
we spend about $150 a week, vegetarian family of 4, soon to be 5. that includes stuff like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. we strive for the majority of our food (especially produce) to be organic and often buy specialty items (my DH is mostly gluten-free). we also get raw milk and local eggs once a week, not included in our grocery bill... so that's usually an extra $8-11.50 per week depending on how much we get.
hmmm, i've been using olive oil to season my cast iron. i wonder why it's not the best choice? anyone know?
i would tell her that if she wants to avoid a C/S, switch providers now! as long as the placenta is not on the cervix there's no reason she can't deliver vaginally. if it was partially or totally covering the it that would be a different story. placentas have been known to move... if she'd be into it, suggest she do some visualization of it moving up. can't hurt, you know?
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