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Carried my boys to 37w, 5 d -- was taken off from work at 35 weeks and placed on modified bed rest. At that point, I had my two girls at home (13 and 2 ) - my husband worked from home so that was a HUGE help. 
      LORD  have mercy - the oversupply!!!!!!!!!!   I just had Baby #5 last week (shameless photo thread) -- and the nurses laughed when I told them that my milk was coming in the next day. Hmph - these boobs know what they're doing. By Monday, I was super engorged - went to buy a hand pump, and get fitted for nursing bras - I am an F. What the heck?? I'm 5 foot tall! Half of me is boobs?    So, to answer your question -- yes, it's WAAAY easier going back to nursing only...
  Congratulations! My twin boys are 4 (WOW!) and these ladies here saved my sanity so many times during my pregnancy.    I delivered my boys naturally, with Baby B being a breech extraction -- I'll link you up to my blog. 
I delivered my mono-di boys in the OR, with Baby B being a breech extraction. It wasn't a huge deal -- except for being cold, and the effin stirrups. YUCK. 
    THIS, to a tee. I'm an ER nurse, and when I go to work, I'd love to wear a sign around my neck that answers all the random questions people feel compelled to ask me.  "when are you due" -- 2 weeks "what are you having: - a baby "no, really, what are you having?" -- A BABY "So you didn't find out?" - no "is this your first?" - no "How many children do you have?" This makes 5  "OH MY GOD!"    this is why I don't want to talk to people!    I got the hands down, most...
I feel you, momma. I'll be 38 wks Sat, and hell yes, I'd like to have this baby. I keep telling myself -- patience.    I'm just being whiny, but my SPD is killing me. 
do you put arnica gel directly on your momma bits?    I have this in my bag (having some bad issues with hemorrhoids and vaginal variscoscities) -- Tucks Aloe vera spray gel EMAB New Mama Bottom Spray EMAB New Mama Bottom cream   I'm taking EMAB herbal bath packs (use in the sitz bath)   I really like this piece from Kitchen Stewardship about post partum care -- make sure you look in the comments for suggestions as well. Witch Hazel frozen pads sound...
Got my negative result yesterday, too. Whoo hoo!  
First baby - had membranes stripped, showed up at the hospital to be induced at 7am, had water broke, was holding her by 1pm. ;)   2nd baby (11 years later!) -- went to hospital at 6am with regular contractions, 5 min apart for 2 hours -- was not dilated at ALL. Sent home, told to come back 'when you can't take it anymore'. At 0200 next morning, woke up my husband wailing. Showed up at the hospital crowning -- 30 min later, beautiful baby in my arms.    3rd/4th...
We will be at the hospital ....I wrote a blog post about what I was bringing! http://thekennedyadventures.com/2012/05/10-things-to-pack-in-your-hospital-bag-for-labor-and-delivery/
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