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My plan for R (almost 10 now!) is to let her know that its definitely her choice, whether she wants to follow the "cultural phenomenon" (thanks Widemouth!) of less body hair or not.  If she does choose to, I will offer her the option of waxing (which I would pay for).  IMO, its a much better option than shaving.  I'm hopeful that if she starts out with waxing instead, the hair will gradually grow in lighter and since she is fair haired anyway it will be less of an issue...
Loved your words, as usual, Tiffani!!! I too, am not on MDC much at all anymore.  For all the reasons discussed above.  Facebook definitely replaced MDC for my "keep in touch digitally" needs.  I miss the little community we had here in this tribe though.  Facebook can't compare to that!!!  Quite a few of the blogs I read belong to Vancouver Mamas from this tribe and I really enjoy the glimpses into all of your lives!
So really?  No freezer burn when freezing in jars?   That's my main concern.  It would seem that in order to leave enough room to avoid breakage, you'd be leaving a lot of air in the jar.  No?
I dunno Tooticky.  It sounds awful!  I wish I could be more helpful but I didn't want to read with out giving you a cyber hug!  At this point it sounds like it has to be environmental.  Are the hives localized or all over?
Overnight Crock Pot Steel Cut Oatmeal!! Find a stainless or ceramic bowl that fits in your crock pot with its lid on. Put your oats and water in bowl. Add whatever you like (raisins, other dried fruit, peanut butter and cocoa, ...... ;) Fill the crock pot with water and place the bowl inside. The water should come to a couple of inches below the top. Turn the crock onto low and put the lid on. Go to bed! Wake up in the morning to hot oatmeal. Dish it...
OP, I'm going to second what Green Magick said and recommend a standard poodle.   Ours is almost 2 years old now, back before we got her, I think I could have written your post! We too, live in the city. in a small house with a standard city sized garden.   I can't say I loved the puppy stage but it was no worse than normal and she is turning into a fabulous dog:) She is very smart and very active but we keep her busy with lots of walks, hikes, trips to the...
So, for those mason jars...   What exactly have you used them for? Can you use them to freeze berries and other fruits and veg.?  No freezer burn?   I would so like to give up the zip-loc habit but I also love how little space they take up!
Piglet, funny you should mention your diet tweaking - that is Exactly what I've been doing recently.  So far so good.  It seems to help with my IBS too.  I'm not being super strict or anything, but definitely limiting grains and starches.   I'm glad the beds are working for you guys Tiffani!  I have been enjoying hearing your stories.  I think the nursing is pretty sweet and I admire you for being so open and ok about it.  Z. must have some memories of nursing, at...
Starling - I think you're referring to the Bonfire Festival :)  
Tiff. - No clarification needed!  I totally knew what you meant!
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