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  I had completely forgotten about this, but yes!
Maybe?  It's hard to say.  I had a really minor tear and a skid mark from his nuchal hand, nothing that needed stitches.  Now with my second pregnancy, my midwife hasn't suggested it at all, but that's probably because we're a bit "looser" down there after the first?   I labored in water too, that may have helped.  He was born on land, but he started crowning in the water before circumstances dictated leaving the pool.
 That makes me laugh, I never thought I'd inspire anyone on this thread!  Lol...
I got home from my appointment yesterday and got disgusted at how my kitchen floor felt on my bare feet, so vacuuming and mopping got done.  Then I saw my brown bananas and decided my freezer needed banana bread too.  Lol...   Priorities...
My midwife estimated I lost about 700cc last time and I have low platelet issues, no wonder you were feeling dizzy!  I don't remember even feeling that bad once I got some food in me, so glad you are feeling better!  Keep eating good foods and drinking lots and lots of water (I have coconut water in my arsenal as well, if you like that, it's like nature's Gatorade!).  You don't want that amount of blood loss affecting your milk supply too!
CrunchyMama, that's half of what the standard rate is around here, so that's a good deal.  I hated paying it too, but I don't want to have to worry about it and DH wanted to be as far away from that as possible.  Lol... The woman doing it happens to also be a student of the midwife I use, so she'll be there anyway (too bad that doesn't get me a discount...).   Had my 38 week appointment last night as well, didn't get checked either.  She didn't even ask, she's veeery...
Aw man, hang in there Jane.  We're here for you, even if real life isn't.  
I've never seen organic non-alcoholic beer, but just go for the German ones.  They don't have all the garbage in them that the American ones do.  Trader Joe's version is good too.  Personally, I didn't worry about the trace amount of alcohol, but that's me.  I've been known to steal some of my DH's glass too.  
The good news is that I'm GBS negative.  The...well, I don't want to call it bad...but my platelets are basically the same as they were at this point in my son's gestation, despite all the supplements and other silliness that I've been putting myself through.  But my midwife and doctor are OK to go ahead with the homebirth since it turned out OK last time with proper medication and I have the benefit of hindsight regarding proper hydration and nutrition afterwards to...
Fingers crossed for you, Yoma!
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