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Fingers crossed for you, Yoma!
I was thinking about making coconut water pops too, maybe with some pineapple.  That sounds like something I would like during labor, puking or not... Adding it to the list!
Big hugs, autumnrayne, that does sound hard.    (I know, that probably wasn't helpful, I don't have any experience with that many babies.  And if someone told me "this too shall pass" where you are right now, I'd probably kick them in the shin.)
Hooray!  Nice name, and I hope you are feeling better soon!
I'm on the search too.  A friend mentioned (and it made sense when she said it) that the Kleen Kanteens or other similar bottles get so sweaty that they make kind of a mess inside the lunchbox.  Is that just something you deal with or is there a trick?  I don't plan on sending anything but water, I don't think.
Oh yes, that's a good point - having something new and special to do while you're stuck nursing or rocking a cranky baby or whatever is in our plans too...   Also, don't be offended if he's not all that interested either.  My son loved reading that book and he is excited to meet her, but he's also super tired of people asking him if he's excited (it's the childhood equivalent of "you haven't had that baby yet?", I've decided) and he's got so many other things...
My son is five and we're about to add baby girl very shortly.  I've been very clear on what babies are like when they're first born, that they need their mama almost all the time and that we'll have to be patient for a bit.  I didn't see any point about sugar-coating it, those first few weeks are hard.  He's also starting kindergarten in a few weeks, so the amount of change in his life is going to be pretty big.  But while I've made it clear that babies are sometimes...
Hope you got some sleep last night, bdoody...
Ooo, pineapple, I forgot about that one.  Yum.     Good morning all!  Feeling large and very much not in charge today.  This waiting around stuff is for the birds.  
  Amen.  I could say the same about breastfeeding.  I did everything "right" there too, and I still ended up being an EP'er who could only make enough milk to get through half the day at most.   Sh*t happens, indeed!
New Posts  All Forums: