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Yes, second baby phenomenon coupled with an unremarkable blood loss this time around. Even though my platelet count was the same at the end both times, apparently all those extra supplements a nd RRL tea did something after all, I don't know... I have so been there Jillgayle, kudos to you for everything that you are doing for your baby!
Banana, that's exactly it. Now that the boobs have settled in a little bit and aren't busting out of my own skin it was gotten sooo much better in the last couple of days. It was really bad when they were super engorged when my milk first came in. And I actually have my first little bag of milk in the freezer. That never happened with my son. I'm still in shock that nursing is going so well compared to my first... I won't even attempt to catch up with personals,...
Yay, Oregon, congrats! What a marathon!
My friend did acupressure on me the same day I went into labor too. Like EA said, don't know if it was a coincidence or if it really worked, but I definitely noticed that it organized my contractions better, while we were doing it.
I know, right? We don't mess around here in the August DDC...And a boy Banana, how wonderful!
Well, Dr. wasn't as impressed with the amount of tongue tie she saw, but she clipped a bit just to humor us. She thought it might have more to do with her receeding chin (inherited from DH for the record) making it hard for her to stick her lip out properly. So, we'll have to work on that...somehow... Sorry you're dealing with yeast still skycheat. Regarding that not so fresh feeling, I made my own concoction for my peri bottle, steeping some lavender, comfrey, and...
Wow, what an entrance! Well done!
Omg, Calladona, what a story! Congratulations!
Midwife checkup today confirmed she has a very classic tongue tie, so off to the doctor we go tomorrow to get it clipped. Hopefully that takes care of the toe curling latch!
Holy sore nipples. Thinking she has just a bit of tongue tie. Will have to wait until Monday to get it checked for sure I guess, although the midwife will look again tomorrow...
New Posts  All Forums: