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Holy sore nipples. Thinking she has just a bit of tongue tie. Will have to wait until Monday to get it checked for sure I guess, although the midwife will look again tomorrow...
Congrats, EA!
Wonderful birth story! I hear ya on the tailbone pain...
Congratulations, MamaPigeon!
And congrats, Crunchy!
Clara Jean has arrived at 3:33 AM this morning, 8 lbs 3 oz, 19 inches long (and 4 days past her due date, but who is counting...) For those who like gory details, read on... We are still in a bit of shock at how fast it all went. My massage therapist friend came over before dinner time last night to play with some acupressure points. She definitely got some contractions going, but they weren't all that painful. I went for a walk after dinner, putzed around and...
Welcome baby Luke, good job mama!
I post this every morning on Facebook. Heads people off at the pass. http://haveyouhadthatbabyyet.com/
Before dinner, my massage therapist friend came over (she's also coming to the birth again like last time, she's handy to have around, let me tell you) and we played around with some acupressure points. I was already having some random painless contractions today and lots of mucus, some of it just a bit blood tinged...we managed to get some good ones consistently 7 minutes apart. Dinner seemed to space them out again but I have just sat down to start timing them again...
Agreed, what a sweet bump you have!
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