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Well, then there's hope, eh? There's also an unexpected line of thunderstorms coming through right now, this was all supposed to be done overnight...and I lost a bunch if mucus this morning...I know there are those more overdue than I, dealing with way more prodomal than I, but I just hit my wall this morning...Hope all is going well, Crunchy!
Is having a giant crying jag a sign of impending labor? Humor me...
What she said! On both counts...
Good news, Edelweiss!
For what it's worth, Banana, my son was born a week early and was long and skinny too. He really could have used some more meat on his bones in those early days of nursing when none of us knew what we were doing and things went downhill fast...I'm really, really hoping this extra waiting means a nice chubby baby at the end of the road!
Congrats Jacksonmom! And Jillgayle, what a sweetheart boy!
Me neither. Had midwife check today out of curiosity. Head really low, 0 station, 70% effaced, almost 3 cm. So conditions are favorable, if nothing else...storm front rolls through overnight tonight, and DH is going to be accosted whether he likes it or not...
Oh no, Banana, I'm sorry.
Here's hoping for all of us!!!
Lol, cardigan, there is definitely that danger...
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