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Oh good.  So we'll be on the right track soon, it sounds.  One doctor told me that all the pulminologist would do is tell me to keep using Pulmicort.  But it sounds like there is help for him; we just need to get the right people on our side.  The oral steroids will keep things in check until Wednesday, my son had a better day today, and I'm way more calm now- thank you, mamas!
My four-year-old's asthma is out of control and I don't know what to do.   Last winter he had a lingering cough for two months - nothing serious, just noticeable.  By the time I finally decided to take him to the doctor and made an appointment, it pretty much went away (it takes six weeks to get in to see our doc usually). This year, after three weeks of coughing, I took him in.  The doctor said he had reactive airways, and gave him an albuterol inhaler to use as...
We're looking at ordering curriculum for next year, and we'll be going with Sonlight core K.  But my son will be through Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons by the end of this schoolyear.  I was originally planning to just order Language Arts 1 instead of K through Sonlight, but I'm rethinking that.   What's good to use after we complete the learning-to-read stage?  Where do we go from here, and what curriculum should we look at using?
Fresh pineapple helps me when I go through a period of time when I bruise easily.  There's an enzyme in fresh pineapple (destroyed by heat, hence not canned) that helps - it also helps ripen the cervix for birth!
Oh, Mama, that doesn't sound like a good situation!   I have a son who is four, and I can tell that he's the one who will most likely get picked on in later years.  My only consolation is that, because of the way his birthday falls, he'll be one of the oldest kiddos in his grade; and he comes from a long line of really big, burly men.  No one dared make fun of my geeky husband in school - they were all scared of him, even though he's a pacifist!   For your son,...
My four-year-old LOVES to cook, and has since before he's been walking. He has a play kitchen, and helps with things like shredding lettuce for salads and helping measure flour, etc. But now he's asking to do REAL cooking, which I'm fine with, but I don't know how much to allow him to do. I know he's too young for many things, but just out of curiosity, when did/would you let you child:   -cut with a sharp knife?   -use a toaster?   -stir something hot on the...
So, due to gall bladder issues, my husband's dinners have consisted of three things lately: baked potatoes, chicken noodle soup, or chicken and rice. He wants variety, but I'm not a very good cook when it comes to improvising. I think the chicken and rice dish would be the easiest to modify to make it more interesting. Any good chicken and rice recipes that you're willing to share?
Yeah, it wasn't so much the tree incident in and of itself, but that sort of thing has been happening MUCH more frequently over the past two weeks. My son got sick last night (fever, throwing p, etc), so I'm wondering if he's just been trying to fight something off for a bit and it finally caught up with him.
My son just turned four.  As a baby, he was very high needs (nursed every hour and half around the clock, didn't sleep through the night until two years, didn't handle being separated from me very well at all, etc).  He's a sensitive child, quite bright, articulate, and attached.  He's also a bit persnickity about how things need to be (shoes go on the middle shelf, we can't made beds until after breakfast, that sort of thing).  He doesn't usually take jokes/pretending...
I'd say my son, who is four, isn't a "block" kiddo.  We have about three hundred blocks in different colors and shapes, but he never just plays with them on his own.  The only time he's interested in them is if Daddy or I sit down to build something, and then mostly he just wants to knock it over.  Well, he'll also cook with blocks, and use construction trucks to haul them, but he doesn't build with them.   I'm interested to see what other mamas say!
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