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Expecting my 6th. I have 5 sons. Ages 11, 8, 6, 4 & 3. :) Fingers crossed for a girl this time......lol
I eat whatever keeps me from vomitting. It varies every day.Im just listening to my body. Ive never had M/S before (and this is my 6th bambino so Im not complaining) and Ive learned the key is eat whatever Im craving and eat every few hours. I dont lik eating so often, but I prefer it to being sick, so.... Today  had: caramel cappacinno a cinnamn donut an apricot 3 potato skins w/cheese and sour cream a handful of goldfish crackers a bowl of alfalfa sprouts...
I feel better knowing Im not alone. I have 5 kids, single mum, and just movd and thishouse is in SUCH disarray. Its just, when I get free time I endup crashing on the couch. Asleep by 8:30 at night, back up by5:45. Draaagggggiiiinnnnggggg through my days. Im a multi tasker soo I hate feeling lazy but its good to take it easy and relax. The boes will get unpacked someday...I only have a short time in this portion of my journey with this blessing.
I have always done love letter journals with each of mine. <3
Ive always encouraed my boys to be an active part of my pregnancies. heyve been to midwife visits, as well as births. There has never been jealousy with them. <3 My 4 year old lovespuling ot the newborn sized clothing and re folding each piece with a "awwww!" to each tiny shirt ad sock. My 3 year old sings to my tummy. Very sweet. The older three debate over name possibilities.
OMG.EVERTHING makes me cry. Im not usually like this when preggers.....maybe this is a girl? I cried today because I was out of mayo and really craving a tuna sandwich. I mean, SERIOUSLY?
prenatal yoga. The kids like to join in. I choose a song during preg. that becomes that childs lullabye. (not neccesarily a traditional lullabye) and I keep a love letter journal I continue to write in throughout their life.
What a gorgeous story! Thank you for sharing it!
geesh.Im glad I dont live in your neighborhood! Im a single mum of 5 boys and MOST of the time I try to keep it calm and even. But when your two oldest are wrestlingand one takes it too far and breaks a cabinet door wth his brothers body, whilst the 3 year old is screaming because he is overtire and you gave him the (gasp) RED cup instead of the beloved BLUE cup and the dog just chased the cat up onto the counter to knock a plant down...well,sometimes you gotta yell. I...
Glad Im not the only one. lol Last week I helped my mom move to her new place and I asked if we could stop at Subway for a veggie sub and she replied she was in a rush and couldnt. I welled up with tears like I was a 6 year old whose mommy said I couldnt have a new toy.
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