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We're dealing with some problems with my 4 year old as well. The Dentist did a visual exam and saw at least 6 caries (what is the difference between that and cavities?). She wants to do the in office sedation (conscious, I guess) with the papoose board. I'm actually okay with the papoose board if he isn't going to wanting to move much anyhow. I liken it to them strapping my arms & chest during the c/sections I had. My only problem with it would be if he were upset &...
It's a bit of a drive, but the Green House Birth Center in Okemos (near East Lansing) does VBA2Cs -- I had mine there & it was amazing!
Another way to go would be a birthcenter -- the GreenHouse Birth Center is amazing. They're in Okemos. I had my VBA2C there.
I just wanted to pop in & thank ya'll for this thread. My dh and I (and the baby) are going to be in town on Sunday & Monday looking around as his job is asking him to transfer. I'd love to know if anyone has any positive or negative info about specific schools in johnson co. & overland park areas. My oldest is in Kindergarten & we're pretty much locked in to public schools. Thanks!!
Gorgeous & bright!!
You can do it! Can't wait to see some steeking...I keep thinking I'll try it, then I magically come up with a different solution (read: less daring; I'm such a wimp!). And I totally bookmarked your blog this time! lol
Is she a pretty "easy" kid otherwise? It seems to me that she may be experimenting a little and your candid conversation would be enough, as long as the event wasn't repeated. When we were growing up my Mom checked up on us regularly, but she explained it as a safety issue. She did the whole "what if something happened I need to know where you are" thing. I think a lot of kids lie because their parents have unreasonable expectations. She might just be seeing them...
Quote: Originally Posted by StacyL I'm a little confused by all of the responses to the OP by those who say they are aware of fluoride's toxicity, yet they 'allow' topical treatments. : I think the biggest thing is that ingesting fluoride is quite toxic & undeniably bad for you, many mainstream sources will tell you that topical application is perfectly safe & absolutely beneficial. While I won't be allowing fluoride treatments for my...
enabler! i haven't done one in months, and I just happen to have some purewool that isn't quite the color I'd hoped for...
Quote: Originally Posted by MadameXCupcake Bit OT But now I know why I got sick after going to the dentist all those years! And now I wonder if that's why I have such an aversion to my (flouride filled) tap water... it always turns my tummy a little. I know this is a little OT, but does anyone know how to remove/filter it out of water? My Brita thingie is very pointed when it says that it doesn't remove flouride. Ugh.
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