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So gorgeous!! And that yarn is beautiful, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by TopHat I'm there are TopHat, just like here. I haven't been on in a while. I wanted to do the ravelympics, but somehow my 4mo keeps me away from my needles. How do you find time? I'm too busy with : and ! I while : and skipped the when my ds3 was 4 mths old... lol Seriously, it goes in waves how much knitting you can get away with when the little ones are around. I can't knit while nursing anymore, ticks...
pixiewytch -- could you have your dh set your spam box so that it doesn't automatically delete? I just check mine daily & pull anything out that doesn't belong... Have fun yarn shopping for your tank -- think cotton!
According to ravelry, rowan 4 ply is a fingering (sock) weight. hth!
Before you start the tank, you might want to consider: tank top -- hot weather...wool -- cold weather. KWIM? Have you considered making a shawl/wrap? Something to throw over your shoulders when it's cool in the house is always nice. Or maybe some worsted weight socks. *note that I'm not telling you not to make the tank, but I would have felt guilty if I saw you come back in a couple months to say you couldn't wear your tank (that pattern is pretty, I downloaded it a...
Quote: Originally Posted by iowaorganic stupid stash- I can't work on any of these beautiful patterns until I have my stash done too. and what I ordered from the 3IG coop... dang it.... You poor girl! Just let me know & I'll send you my address...then you can send me that pesky 3IG coop yarn; I don't mind having an extra bag of yarn or two... *wink* I really need to learn some self control! I have yarn & projects that could last me...
Oh. My. YUM.
I'm Green!
which yarn did they deem too scratchy? Off hand I'd say malabrigo, 100purewool & handpaintedyarn are three that are super soft.
I knit cascade on 5's, but I think the biggest thing here is that Cascade is a fairly processed yarn & really needs to be lanolized. Eucalan will maintain the lanolin already there, but it doesn't add much (if any) to the knitted item. I bet it will work wonderfully once you add lanolin to it.
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