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Feb MBOY linkie
Quote: Originally Posted by lyttlewon Is the difference with the curly purly that it uses short rows? That is a good idea about tying in the back. curly purly can use short rows or not, but it's big think is a lengthy waistband with a graduated ribbing & 3-4 different needle sizes. check out her site & look at some pics to see what I mean.
Occasionally...did you use a smaller needle when you knit the ribbing? Many people do the curly purly waistband when they want to go no-tie. You could also thread the drawstring in backwards & tie it in back.
If sounds like it wants you to make a hole for something in your knitting -- buttonhole, mitten thumb, afterthought heel in a sock... Do it just like they said. Put the next X sts. on a holder (or extra needle, or waste yarn if you don't have one), then look at your knitting. You (presumeably) have some sts. on each needle. On the right needle you will pick up your yarn & use the backward loop cast on to add more sts. to that needle. Then you will just continue...
That's awesome, Stacey! ...and it sounds like the sort of thing dh did with ds1.
What Melissa said. If it's different enough to look like you did it on purpose, go for it; otherwise just go with the body color. Maybe if you do use the other brown you could also use that color to do the icord at the waist (assuming you're going to do one). I was sure you were going to say your dd had outgrown them, lol.
Hi ladies; sorry for abandoning the thread. mtn. mama, I know you were giving me pointers -- but that's really depressing! To answer some questions. Yes, I do soy (although I don't use it as a dairy substitute as he reacts if I have any large amount...like a pint of tofutti in one sitting ) occasionally, and meat regularly. Since I posted last I've cut out ALL the dairy again and he isn't showing any signs of allergies. I'm only letting him have dairy free foods,...
I'm in!! If you seriously dont want to organize, i'd be happy to! It does my soul good to organize something; goodness knows I don't get to organize anything in my house with all these little ankle biters around!
Quote: Originally Posted by Astromom My eyeballs feel like they are on fire right now from the sleep deprivation. I am guessing it is a combination of growing, teething, hitting milestones, upset tummy, etc, whatever. My question is, do I just go ahead and let 3:30 am be the start of our day? So go ahead and get up, turn lights on, play, etc, even though his mommy will end up being a crazy sleep-deprived monster mommy? Or should I go ahead and do...
Quote: Originally Posted by JoyNChrist So are any of your kiddos throwing fits yet? Cuz over the past few days Avery has started SCREAMING when I make him do something he doesn't want to do (get in the carseat, sit in the high chair, let me cut his fingernails, etc). He's not crying - I'm just talking about all-out screaming until I either let him go or finish what I was doing. Aren't they a little young for tantrums?! Don't think of them...
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